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Myxoid inflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma

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I'm interested in contacting survivors who have had myxoid fibro sarcoma and their treatments, prognoses, etc.

suzie sunshine
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Hi Pauline,

I think I have the same type of Sarcoma. The doctor called it myxofibrosarcoma. So far, I have had two operations. The first surgery was done when the surgeon thought he was removing a harmless lipoma. When the pathology report came back as it being Sarcoma, the second operation was performed on Feb. 25, 2010, to remove as much surrounding tissue as possible. I am now scheduled to have a series of 32 radiation treatments. My cancer is on my upper thigh. Let me know about your condition.

suzie sunshine

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Hi Pauline,

My diagnosis is Myxoid MFH, although the Mayo consulting service called it myxofibtosarcoma. The first surgery was January 18, 2010 when a general surgeon thought they were removing a cyst from my trapezius (which was initially thought to be a lipoma). The wide local excision was on Feb 15, 2010 where I had 20% of the trap removed. I opted out of radiation as I had studied radiation biology in a early postdoc. Now I will go on surveillance. I have however, begun, phenotyping my tumor for cancer stem cell content and metastasis markers such as ezrin, stc-2, etc. Results from these analyses will provide some guidance to the level of continued surveillance.

PS I should also mention I have working hard in physical therapy as I have found loss of the trapezius more of an issue than first expected.

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Hi my 14 year old daughter is recovering from a fibro myoid saroma removed from right chest wall 3.8 cm x3.7 cm they resected it with 3 cm margins came back cancer free margins no chemo or radiation needed.

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