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ct results--update!!!

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I went for results of Ct scan yesterday, and they found out why I am in such pain. The radiation has inflamed my bile duct. They siad this happens in 1/2 of 1 %. Just my luck. The tumor has shrunk already though significantly in just a month. They want to do the left side but need to wait til the bile duct is not pissed off any more! One of the the 2 spots on right side is gone completly--they could not even see it at all.
Now for the PET results tomorrow! I hope they are good too. My cea is an alltiem low for me. It is less than one!!

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Wow, so that explains the pain!! but yea yea yea for the tumors!!!! I am excited now. Patti

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Fantastic news on the CEA and tumors. So sorry the radiation has caused inflammation and pain (and that you've had to join the 1/2% club), but so glad that is the cause and not tumors!

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Sorry about your pain, but I am so glad your spheres have worked so well. Good luck with the
PET results!

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I will talk sweet nothings to your bile ducts and hope they calm there selves down. I am so happy for you things are going so well. Hot Damn!Hippy yeah. I am sorry your in pain but so glad the others are shrinking.
Goofyladie (Cass)

Fight for my love
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This is great news!Thanks for the update.

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bile duct!!! Seriously, I am very happy that the procedure resulted in tumor shrinkage. That is great news. Hope the good news continues to the PET results also. Wishing you the best!

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Congrats on the GREAT news!


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If the bile duct is plugged up won't that not allow your kidneys to function properly getting rid of the toxins within. That in itself is a very serious matter...your kidneys need to function properly...Im glad to hear that they found the problem, but the pain tells me that the kidneys are suffering, and thats not a good thing....Hopefully it will resolve itself shortly....Love and Hope, Buzz

Your markers sound tremendous...Good for you !!!

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Well, that's good news. Sorry about the bile duct, but hopefully that will be better very soon!

I'll be praying that your pet scan goes well.


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