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Mouth Fungal Infection

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Hi All,

Have any of you experienced oral fungal infections during you chemo? I have been on anti fungal medication since my 3rd RCHOP. I have just had #5 of 6 cycles. Started out as a sore throat but now my entire mouth is snowy white, looks kind of like Christmas. Not the typical mouth sores I have experienced in the past. My Onc is having surgery this week and I don't think I really need to see his partner as I'm already on medication but wondering what you might think as everyone here has a wealth of information?

I hope everyone is doing well today.
Thank you,

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Hi Leslie,
Sounds like you have thrush. My husband got a pretty bad case of it when he was being treated w/ ATGAM for low platelets. They gave him meds which cleared it up. He then got the mouth sores that lasted for 2 weeks. He used "magic mouthwash" w/ antifungal, steroids and Benedryl and they finally cleared up. I would go see your doctor's partner and get this cleared up because you don't want it to spread.

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Hi jklucas,
Thanks for the response and the suggestion on the mouth wash. I thought it might be Thrush but since I'm already on antifugal meds I don't know. It did clear up and I see my oncologist on Friday and will ask him.
How is your husband doing now? I hope all is going well.

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I have had this each time during the mid-week between chemo cycles. I am using the magic mouthwash and taking Fluconazole 200mg tablets, 2 per day. It's painful and makes it hard to eat or drink. My doctor has asked me to try taking Prilosec in the evenings. Thinks acid reflux
may be at play, even if I don't feel the burn when it happens. So I will try this to see if it
prevents the return of the sore throat, just had my infusion 3 days ago. I will not use the
mouthwash or pills if this approach works.

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My first Dr.that I quit going to gave me magic mouthwash for mouth sores. My doctor that I changed to prescribed Fluconazole 100 mg. It was 100% better.

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I have a terrible mouth fungal infection right now, I have been using the magic wash and it hasn't helped at all. Glad I saw your posts, I'm going to call the dr. immediately.

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