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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Panic Attacks/Anxiety

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I just answered another post from someone who felt they were dealing with anxiety attacks and I answered him/her as I have been going through a patch of this I believe myself too. I have only had little bits of anxiety here and there but it seems to have built up big time recently with more stresses.

I also thought about this whole issue of cancer suvivors and the possibility of post traumatic stress disorder. I have actually seen an expert about this possibility with some cancer patients and he felt I have aspects of PTSD, those being 'startle responses' (jump abnormally at the smallest sound) and flashbacks of scenes dealing with my treatment periods that were harsh.

I was just wondering if anyone else has comments on these matters and if they affected you then I would like to hear about it all, if you would like to share.

Blessings, Bluerose

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I think I kind of had ptsd also after watching my husband die. It was very traumatic cause he hemorraged in the bathroom and started to let go of the vanity and I just grabbed him and laid him on the floor. I was screaming and called 911, but I couldn't help him. I still can visualize it every time I'm in the bathroom. Are you on any meds?? I'm seeing a counselor and on meds and it's helped me alot. How long ago did your husband pass away?
Take care. "Carole"

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Flashbacks can be a part of PTSD but there are other symptoms that go with it too so hard to know if you had PTSD or not, a psychologist/psychiatrist would be able to test for it for sure and I am glad you are seeing someone to help you through. I think most survivors if not all need a counsellor on standby for times when they are low and experience new emotional issues. I have a couple of them and see them as I need them and they have sure helped me through the tought spots.

I was on anti anxiety meds when I came into a bad patch but I wasnt able to take anti depressants as I was allergic to a couple of them. I found the anti anxiety meds, the 'pams' meds that ended with that suffix, just took the edge off and for me that's all I needed. However thats just in my case as that was properly diagnosed for me but for you it could be different - we are all different of course.

Hope you are doing better today.




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