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I've ordered a bunch of stuff to make a photobioreactor (don't get spooked, it's just a sealed environment for nurturing algae) for growing spirulina. I want to go on a low calorie algae diet for a month in the spring. I've tried raw spirulina in the past and really like it. I bought enough stuff to make two. I was considering klamath lake blue green algae. Have any of you guys ever tried it? Also, if my reactors work out, I plan on selling them locally and on ebay. The parts I've bought cost about $100. If it works properly, I'll give you guys the plans and parts list. I strongly encourage any of you, that have access to fresh spirulina, to give it a try. You can get everything you need with an 8oz portion per day. Plus your body needs to do very little to use it.
I'm not a big fan of the supplements but fresh spirulina is without a doubt the most nutritional food on the planet. Try it.

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I've never heard of any of this, John. Can you share more?

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So, how did you fix the spirulina to eat? Like a salad? I'd be interested to know. Thanks.

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I have never had the fresh one.I think it is just like seaweed.It is really healthy,I bought spirulina in pill form for my husband from China.In China, it is very popular.It is very healthy to take because it is really good for immune system.I think people can find it in pill form in the U.S too,maybe in pharmacy or supplement store.

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I've gotten the capsule form before at Henry's. I got blue green algae in capsule form at Walmart even. This reminds me to start adding my "green sludge" powder (as I call it!) to my juicing. I started some juicing, but forgot about this "Vitamineral Green" powder- I think it's probably gotten shoved to the back of the shelf in my pantry. Among many other things, spiruluna is one of its ingredients.

Green sludge- here I come! I will also look for the fresh form of the spiruluna (sp?).
Thanks, John!


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We have a large holistic health institute in my town. It is actually an international organization called the Himalayan Institute. I take Yoga classes there when I can. I have seen one of there doctors a few time since my DX and she recommended Spirulina as one of the most important things that I could take. She said it would not interfere with my chemo drugs. She got me a pill form that they sell at their pharmacy or you can get online. I have been taking it for about 6 months.


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Hi Gracie, yes it was me- I now take both a multiple vitamin and vitamin D in the spray form. I order them online. It was back a while when I found my vitamin D level was at 13 (under 32 is unhealthy). I had been taking vitamin D pill supplements & it wasn't going up. Within 2 weeks of switching to the spray form, my level went up over the normal point. I continue taking (spraying) it & also do so with the multivitamin. The multivitamin spray I take is from Lumina. I actually found it on amazon.com & ordered it somewhere else too. It runs about $30 a month, but when I think about how the pill form were about $10 a month but that it wasn't being fully absorped, this is better.


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