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Goodbye to my friend Karyn, butterfly23

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Karyn passed away this morning surrounded by her husband and family. I know you all and these boards helped her so much during the last two years.
Keep her family in your prayers.
Love you Karyn...

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I am so sorry.

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to hear you lost your friend will pray for you and her family

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has been a heartbreaking month. I am so very sorry for your loss. Prayers of comfort for you and for Karyn's family.

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i am so sad to hear this news.. she wrote me after my mom died and i shared a poem with her that i read at my mothers funeral.. she reminded me of my mother she was so nice to me.. my heart is saddened by the lose of her.. my thoughts and prayers are with you and her family and friends..


thank you for passing on this news to us

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OMGoodness, I'm in shock, utter shock!

What a beautiful spirit and she was so kind and wonderful and full of spirit!

This is all too much - but it reminds us of how real this deadly disease is and what's it's capable of doing.

I'm just going to pray for her family and think of the good memories that she and I exchanged in the short time that I knew her.

It's just so upsetting, but I want to thank you so much, Kerri, for letting us know about Karyn - she will be missed here for sure, but our loss cannot be compared to her family's so my thoughts are for healing for them during this time of grief.

Bye, Karen :) I'm going to miss your infectious personality and bubbling spirit!


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This is just heartbreaking. Beyond words.

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One tiny butterfly shows what it means
to have enduring courage and dignity,
so that even when the wind takes it in an unknown direction
it flies,
staying strong, staying brave.
One tiny butterfly lifts itself up with the light
deep inside its soul,
rising on wings of hope for a safe and renewing journey...
Your like that butterfly, brave and beautiful.
I know your courageous spirit will carry you through this
just like it has carried you so many times before.
And i also know I'm here for you,
to offer you friendship and comfort and support,
so you'll soon have the strength you need
to soar once more...

send you hugs
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October 1, 2009 - 1:26pm

Heather, thank-you for the poem of the butterfly. When I first started my cancer journey, someone had said I reminded them of a butterfly, I had no idea what they meant. I guess when a butterfly is in its ca****, and is ready to be born, they flap their delicate wings until they break through the ca****. And I believe that is what we all here are doing with this disease. We are trying so hard to break through to live. When i am finished with my treatments and it is o.k. I am getting a beautiful, colorful tattoo of a butterfly. I will pray for you and hope your days will get easier with time. Remember all the wonderful memories of your mom! We are all here for you!

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Paula G.
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So sorry to hear this news. Her family and you will be in my prayers. I remember reading about her first sign was a lump in her neck. Damn cancer!

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I hate this disease and she and her family are in my prayers.

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Oh. oh. oh. I am so saddened. She has been on my mind so much lately and I had no idea it had advanced this far. Such a wonderful spirit. My heart goes out to her husband - I wish he could read some of these things that are being posted here, but I don't think he was on the board much.

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Thank you for letting us know this sad news. We've taken quite a hit in this room lately. I'm so sorry to hear about her passing.


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I'm devastated to hear this news. I had only recently befriended Karyn after admiring the photo of her mini schnauzer (mine is my alter ego too). My symptathy to her loved ones as well as her canine "child" because I know how much dogs miss their loved ones when they pass too. Godspeed Karyn.


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I am so sorry.

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I have been thinking of her daily since her post at Christmas. Again it seems so sudden!

Rob; in Vancouver

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We were diagnosed 2 weeks apart. Every time we talked she seemed to be in really good spirits and doing well. I didn't know she was doing poorly. I guess we all need to stay diligent and check on each other from time to time. She will be missed.

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Thank you, Kerri, for letting us know. I felt just sick hearing this news about Karyn.
May God receive Karyn the butterfly into His kingdom where she is now in a better place.
It's just so heartbreaking, though, to know she left her grieving family behind.
When will this stop?! Lord help us all.


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Karyn will be missed. Such a beautiful woman inside and out. Karyn had such a strong but gentle spirit. I am saying prayers for her husband, family and friends.


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to all who knew her....

She will be definately missed.

Thank you for letting us know.

Hugs, Kathi

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My prayers are with you and her family at this difficult time.

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So very sorry to hear of her passing. My prayers and thoughts to her family.


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I had no idea she was doing so poorly! I feel so horrible!! All the PM's we exchanged, and all the posts we did with each other, what happened????? I am in shock and heartbreak now, and have to pull myself together now...

This is just too much, she just sent me a christmas present, she wanted to give me something I'd enjoy, and sent the Scrabble Game "Upwards" when we talked about it on a post one day, because I didn't know about the game, her generosity floored me and surprised me with that special gift, what a special girl, I can't believe this a month later, she's gone, and didn't have any idea how sick she really was....I am so upset!!!


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my heart aches with all the loss this month. I HATE this GD Cancer, I Hate it with all my heart and soul.

do you know what twisted thing I do everyday?
I read the Irish Gossip column - the Obits to see the ages of people that passed - if they are near my age, and how many died from Colon Cancer or any Cancer, then i pray for them and for me.

sick, I know


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I am so very sorry to hear this news.


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Please extend our condolences to Karyn's husband, family and friends. Everytime I see a butterfly I will think of her, she was so young to deal with this horrible disease. Take care - George and Tina, Livonia, Michigan

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Thank you for letting us know. My prayers are with her family and friends.


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sorry and sad .


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12/29/1969 - 1/25/2010

40, of Stromberg Ct. Johnston passed away on Monday January 25, 2010 at Our Lady of Fatima Hospital in North Providence after a two year battle with cancer surrounded by her loving family.
Karyn did not lose this battle, she just needed rest.
She was the devoted wife of Donald Dugan. Born in Pawtucket, she was the cherished daughter of Richard F. and Catherine M. (Houston) DeLuca of Johnston. Karyn was Daddy’s Christmas Baby. She was a hairdresser for Hair Trends in Cranston for twenty years and also worked for Drs. Wade and Saccoccio dental office in Warwick.
Besides her husband and parents she is survived by her loving siblings Richard F. DeLuca Jr. of East Providence, Maria T. DeLuca-Vaccaro of Wickford and William V. DeLuca of Smithfield and her dear nieces and nephews Melissa DeLuca-Vaccaro, Deanna DeLuca, William DeLuca, Richard DeLuca, Katie DeLuca and her dog Miss Bessie Mae.
Her funeral will be held on Friday at 9:45 a.m. from the NARDOLILLO FUNERAL HOME 1278 Park Ave. Cranston followed by a Mass of Christian Burial in St. Mary’s Church Broadway Providence at 11 a.m. Burial will be in St. Ann’s Cemetery, Cranston. Visiting hours Thursday 4-8 p.m.
In Lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to: RI S.P.C.A. 186 Amaral Street Riverside, RI 02915.

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I'm so sorry to hear about the loss,I will pray for her and her family.

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My heart is aching for you and Karyn's family. You are all in my prayers. She is resting now and waiting to see you all again. My love and prayers are with you,

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thanks for sharing this with us!
I knew her cancer had spread and that it didn't look so good last fall. *sigh*

Her family will be in my prayers. Everytime I see a butterfly I will think of Karyn!

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Nana b
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So sad...you just never know, do we!

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To Karyn and her family. I am soo sorry to hear of this.

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You will be missed, I will pray for your family. Enjoy God's love and Heaven.

God Bless

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Karyn will be missed. Dear condolences to her family and all who knew her.


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Such sad news. I'm so sorry for the loss or your friend, and another beautiful spirit from our "family" on this board. I'm happy that she was able to move on with her husband and family at her side. I wish you peace in knowing she is at rest and out of pain.

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got her wings will pary for her family

Posts: 638
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got her wings will pray for her family

Posts: 638
Joined: Dec 2009

got her wings will pray for her family

Posts: 638
Joined: Dec 2009

sorry it posted 3 x

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