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My CT Scans....

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WoW....Well I am so humbled by all your posts to me wishing me luck and being prayers, you all bring me up when I'm feeling down, and know that I pray for each and everyone of you every day and night!

My appointment with the onc was pretty much the same, except my tumors are still shrinking! Though my liver has too much disease on it to do anything with, she told me it would probably never get to that point of where nothing would work, or it would be too dangerous for me, my CEA levels were alittle spiked, and I have a few teeny tiny nodules that are just doing nothing, they are just there, and have no activity, she said it may not even be cancer, but lungs are clear and I breathe fine, she is keeping me on the Irinotecan until she is confident enough that my disease is stable, she wants a month to see if my CEA goes down.

She said it was perfectly normal for CEA's to go up and down with each visit, and even though I had a small spike there, my tumors are actually shrinking, so I look at it as a good thing, that there was no new growth, it's still getting smaller, there's just too much of it to want to do anything further. Which, she is probably right, but she says she's had many patients who were worse then me live many years, and still are, and not to lose hope, they are still seeking out cures and trials and all.

So, I'm now connected to my little 5fu pump, had some KFC with the kids, and let them know the news, they were just happy that I am still feeling good, and I still have hope, maybe not for a cure for me, but hope that I can still be around for a long time as well, miracles do happen, and your prayers sure helped me! Thank you all my brothers and sisters, I truly love everyone on this board, you help me out of despair as well, I don't know what I would do without all you! But, I feel great, and don't feel like I'm going anywhere too soon ;) Keep the Faith All :)

Hugssss and Loveeee tooo allllllll!!!!

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im giving you a huge hug from florida!!!! by the way when i was on chemo i kept kfc in business...weird keep the faith my dear, me and my familys thoughts and prayers are with you!!!!!

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I am seeing you and me at Colonpalooza darlin'........... :)))))) and yes Dear... there is a way. you are in my planning!!!

Cheese :)))))) Jennie

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Wonderful! That's the kind of news we want to hear from you!!! I'm glad you got such lovely news.


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I'm so happy about your news! You need to celebrate. Shrinking tumors are a wonderful thing. You have the perfect gift: hope and time. That's all any of us want.

Love, dear friend


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Great Donna! Glad the scans looked so good. I love your outlook. You are truly a shining light.
Love to you-

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Hi Donna,

I am so happy your tumours are still shrinking; that certainly is good news! Folfiri+ Avastin seems to be a very effective combo. Thanks for letting us know the results; I have been thinking of you a lot today, waiting to hear those good results!

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this brings tears to my eyes, I am so happy the tumors are shrinking!

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I thought of you many times today as I puttered around the house. You were on the hearts of everyone here; evidence of what an impact your presence has made! I am glad that the tumors are shrinking and that nothing else showed up! Keep the faith and that wonderful attitude of yours.

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Shrink baby shrink!!!! Yes, what good news!!! So glad you got to enjoy our KFC with your kiddos.

Take care and thanks for letting us know. :)


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Great news Donna, I was checking the board all day to see your posts. I am so happy for you! Stable is good!!! Love ya, Patti

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Great news about the shrinking tumors. Your chemo regimen is obviously working. Keep your happy face going... You were one of the first ones here that I read everything you wrote. Your positive attitude is addicting, girl. You are well loved here. HUGS!!


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I am so happy for you Donna!!! This is great news. You are a real inspiration to many people on the board. Here's to many many years of continued good health,
Love you,

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Oh Donna,

I'm so glad to hear your good scan results- that the tumors are still shrinking! This is definite reason for celebration!!

Hugs to you,

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((((((Donna)))))) Ron.

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that is great news. I had been thinking about you. Soo glad to hear this.

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I don't post often. I feel like an "ole timer" having been through chemo 3 years ago (and proud to say am still NED) and all of you are up to date with what's new....anyway...I'm reading the posts almost everyday and have been waiting to hear your results.

Your news was wonderful to hear. Keep up the great work. You lift spirits.


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Donna, so glad to see your post. we were all on pins and needles waiting to hear.
I so wish i could meet you in person, have a drinky drink, and get some of your magnificent spirit by osmosis!!!!

thank you for always infusing this board of semi colons with love, laughter, support, information and the fighting spirit that spurs us on!


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My Chicky :)

You had me scared straight last night...I checked in all day long and when I saw nothing, I thought this gal posts right away, so...?

I turned off the pc only minutes before you posted - and this morning, I was anxious to see whazzup?

I'm so glad that all went well for you - it certainly is a big relief to me and everyone. I was holding my breath and with only "one lung" that's not EZ to do :)

Shrinking is good stuff! Wish my waist-line would shrink as much, LOL :)

~Your Lion

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You are amazing. I am praying that 2010 brings you NED. You give everyone here such hope, encouragement and great advice! Cheers,

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Good for you, Donna. What a relief that is!

I hope you are enjoying the good news that your tumors are shrinking and the strong reassurance you got from your oncologist.

I certainly wish you and your family well. I have appreciated your posts of support. It is hard to overstate the importance of this board as a resource for people who have cancer and for their caregivers. Everyone needs to be welcome here and you have been very generous and open in reaching out to others in need.


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Good to hear you are doing so good Donna and the saying size matters is so true praying they will go down to nothing...hugs from OKlahoma

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'Keep on keepin on' as the old expression goes...

Thanks for the update!

Hugs, Kathi

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What a delightful report! You rock girl!

Love, Leslie

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Oh I am so thankful to hear your report and to know God is keeping you in His hand! I still pray for you (and soooooo many others) twice a day or more. We love you sweetie!

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Donna, I am glad to hear that the tumors are shrinking. Here's hoping and praying that they continue to shrink. You are an inspiration to so many people on this board. Keep the faith.

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Donna, I knew it would be oksy. Give them kids a hug from me. I send my love to all of you.


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and ya did, I, like Craig was real worried when ya didn't chime in last night before I went to bed, skeered me, Glad your doing great, and you are doing great....and Im with Jenny also, Colonpalooza is gonna never be the same again............Love and Hope, Bro

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So glad that the tumors are shrinking and other ones are stable. That is definitely good news. Happy that you are still feeling so well and keeping active - that is important as you are fighting this disease. Keep up the positive attitude.


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You are so positive in your thinking and that is great. To know that your tumors are shrinking and there wasn't any spread to your lungs was great to hear. God Bless you and have fun with your kids. Enjoy Life each day! Margaret

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Donna it is so wonderful to hear that your turmors are shrinking. I know from waiting for Frank's CT scan to know how stressful the waiting can be. You are truly a ray of sunshine on the board and truly a blessing to each one you touch through your words of encouragement and your life. We will continue to keep you on our prayer list and pray for you daily. You are an inspiration not just to me but to so many. I am so happy for you and your family. Shrinking is good and hopefully NED is on its way. Take care and always remember how much you are loved and supported.
Anna and Frank

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So glad to hear the word "shrinking" Congratulations!! You are such an inspiration to us!! Hugs to you from Elizabeth

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Glad to hear the news of the shrikage...that's ALWAYS good to hear! And don't say no cure for you...we are praying for just the opposite! Like you said, miracles do happen and I'm praying for one for you! Hang in there and keep smiling.


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Looks like both you and George had some good news from our onc's this week (you can see my post visit with the onc). Anyway, shrinking is good, no new stuff is good, so stay the course. I know you want more, just like we do, and who knows, maybe that elusive more might be just around the corner. I've been researching stuff on treatment of liver tumors other than chemo so if I come up with anything we don't already know about, I'll let you know. One thing I found, out of Pennsylvania, is freezing the tumors, taking them down to sub zero temperatures. Another one was injecting them with 100% absolute alcohol. Sounds kind of science fiction to me but who knows. I'm on the fence about theraspheres/sir sphires right now. Guess I should look into that more. Someone on Colon Club was talking about it today. Anyway, the news is good so take that and run with it - Hugs Tina

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Go glad you got good news!!! We need to hear more like that.

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For all the encouragement! I forgot to mention those teeny tiny nodules are on my lung, but aren't doing anything, no activity, my onc is more concerned about my liver, she said the nodules are "randon" as they come and go, so that's why she isn't suspecting any spreadage there...

You guys are all awesome, I would soooo much love to go to Colonpalooza, of course I may not have the funds for it, but we'll see! I'll try really hard to save up!


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I am so happy Donna for your scan results showing that the tumors are shrinking, you are in my daily prayers list, I don't post very often but I come here almost everyday, and love to read your posts, they are an inspiration for all of us.

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no really bad news is pretty darned good news

keep fighting away there sunshine


Fight for my love
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I am happy,happy and happy for you!Good job.

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This is great news Donna! My husband is at the clinic today starting new clinical trial. Sounds like you and Tom are going down the same road. He was on Folfiri for 9 months and his disease stayed stable - little shrinking, no spreading but stable. At that time they tried liver resection but once they went in they found he had more tumors on his liver than showed on the scans. Once he recovered from the surgery they would not put him back on the Folfiri so he started a clinical trial. Nothing has worked as well as the Folfiri. Stay on this regimen as long as you can - as long as you maintain stable disease until something better is proven through trials. We are hoping and praying this new treatment we started today is going to get him back to stable disease. We will be very happy with just that! Take care - been thinking and praying for you today.

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So happy to hear your news! I hope those tumors shrink until they disappear!

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This sounds really good. Your oncologist sounds like a very supportive and hopeful doctor.

Peace and blessings... Rob; in Vancouver

“Life is short,and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel the way with us. So let us be swift to love, and let us make haste to show kindness.”
Henri Amiel

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So happy to hear the good news ..... been thinking about you and your
scheduled scans. And you're reading Percy Jackson?
We've been reading those with my son in a book club, great series!

Take care ;)

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So glad for your good news. You are truly an inspiration to everyone. It is always uplifting to read your posts to everyone. I am sure you have down days like everyone but you'd never know it from your posts. Sounds like your doctor is great too. Ann

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Paula G.
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I didn't look at the board the other day to see this. It is good news that they are shrinking. I am happy for you. Paula

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This is great news. This is just what I needed to read right now. Thank You

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Yay!! How nice to read some good new on here!! And it's always good to see your smiling face - even if it is only a photo...

lots of love,

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good news Have a fun day.


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I am so glad you got good news on your scan. I also had act scan this week and it showed the tumors still shrinking. Like you I'm inoperable at this time, but you and I can both be glad that everything is headed in the right direction and the treatments we receive will shrink the tumors to nothing. I will be praying for you and your family. Deb

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I am so glad that yout got good results from your scans!!! I have been thinking a lot about you this month and it makes me very happy to know that you got good news.

Love and hugs to you,


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