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Doing the nekid happy dance! Well, ok, I couldn't do it here or they'd probably kick me out of the chemo infusion room. But I'm doing it in my mind and will do it when I get home!

The liver shows no activity. The lymph nodes that were enlarged and had activity in September are normal size with no activity now. My CEA has dropped to normal range!

So we will never know if I am truly Stage III or IV, but I don't care and don't want to know. As it turns out the nodes are not quite in the surgery area, so they might have had some cancer cells. Most likely the liver was surgery trauma. But whatever caused it, it is gone!

I found out they can't ever draw my INR from my port. Because they put Heparin in through there and it can contaminate the blood in the area to show incorrect readings. I'm ok with that. My INR was up to 3.6 today so my dosage is changed to 1/2 one day, full the next, alternating.

I'm waiting on liver function results today. My oncologist agreed that he doesn't want me on fluconazole permanently. He didn't give me any grief about taking the probiotic. And he is getting me "swish and swallow" instead. Not sure what it is, but he thinks it might be a better alternative for me for fighting the thrush.

I still have 7 more chemo sessions to get through after this one today. This is just "mop up insurance." I think my doctor's smile was as big as mine today. We are both very happy.

And more good news - I get a week break for New Years. Today I'm going to search for tickets that I can get with my credit card miles to head down to the house on Isla Mujeres.

I don't think I've ever been this happy on chemo day! I got my attitude adjustment. Hearing good news and knowing what we are doing is working - no sign of cancer living in my body right now - is the best attutide adjuster you can get!

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Congratulaions!! Best to you.

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It's about time for you to get some good nes Kathryn! NED! YEAH!! Enjoy your chemo holiday!

Rob; in Vancouver

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That is fantastic news. I am so happy for you after all you've been through enjoy you trip and live it up. Deb

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I'm so happy for you!

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What an excellent Christmas present!


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Fantastic news; I am so happy for you!

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Hi Kathryn,

I'm so happy to hear your NED good news!!! You're right- nothing can help perk up a poor attitude than wonderful news like this!!! You'll especially enjoy Christmas now!!


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seems to be a lot of special Christmas Gifts being given :)

Fight for my love
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Wow,it is really good for you.I know you had been through a lot from the chemo,but you are NED now and the cost was worth of it.Merry Christmas.

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I've been thinking about you, Kathryn, and could not be happier about your news! Thank you for sharing!!!

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It's about time this board got LOTS of good news! YIPPEE!!

God bless!

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You just gave the board a great big smile. go home and do the dance!!!
Just happy to be here!

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I'm so happy for you. You have been thru so much and you just keep on fighting. Good for you. NED!!!!!! what a great report. Have a Merry Merry Christmas.

God Bless you,

Debbie (gramma)

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I am happy for you...let's do our NED nekid happy dance together, ok?


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Nana b
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¡que te diviertas muchisimo en México!


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That is awesome news. Enjoy your trip - you deserve to get away for a while. Congratulations!


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Way to go!! This is truly good news. Have a great break and come back to finish this up for good!!

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Paula G.
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How great!!! So happy for you. The swish and swallow is most likely Nystatin. I have had it for trush before. It clears it up fast and it doesn't taste bad either. Way to go, Paula

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Great news any time but for the holidays even greater......Steve

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You are correct. We'll see how that goes. I need to look up how much it fights with Coumadin in the liver now.

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Great news,enjoy your holidays,and your dance.

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Congrats! That ugly beast couldn't get that beauty down. TERRIFIC. GOOD FOR YOU. What a great smile you gave me. I know you were through many stuggles thru your port and the chemo, etc and you well deserve a great trip towards that bigger beautiful sunshine and keep that smile until your face hurts because that's the pain we want. Hugs to you and DANCE that great DANCE. ENJOY.

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So glad you had such good news today.

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Congratulations on the fantastic news. Couldn't think of a better Christmas gift! Enjoy your little holiday and dance, dance, dance.

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congratulations on such wonderful news!!! Good for you. Stay strong and beat this beast!

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to you, did the dr. say that to you? I am so very, very happy for you. Enjoy your vacation from chemo.

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and a happy new year !!!!!...Love and Hope, Buzzard........You go girl. :)

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Yay, yay, yay!! So happy for you. Dance all weekend!!!


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I'm so glad for you, Kathryn, especially after all the heartbreak you've been through. What a trooper you've been and a great inspiration to me.


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Thank you to everyone, and I'm so glad there are many of us celebrating our scans and tests this week filled with good results.

The news of Brant's passing is so sad. It is a little hard not to have that survivor guilt. But we all know with this disease sometimes there is no ryhme or reason - it is a monster that sometimes chooses to take the best people.

He'd be happy to hear everyone's good news. I say we give praise for our good news, and ask for our good news to be in Brant's honor, with prayers for peace and love for his family and friends. May we all strive to fight the way he did, with grace and humor. Rest in Peace Brant.

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You go girl, what great news. Now stay the course and keep up those treatments. Bet you walk in with a big smile next treatment and say "bring it on" and no survivors guilt, judging from Brant's journal, he would hate that. Why he never caught a break, I just don't understand but you did so go ahead and celebrate, I'm sure Brant is smiling with your good news.

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You Rock!!!!!!!!!!

How cool is that!


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I'm so happy for you!! Have a great time on Isla Mujeres - I wish I could join you there!

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Well Merry Christmas to You! Congratulations, we all know how hard you fought, now you can enjoy life as it was! Big Hugs to you!


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Naked happy dance is calling. Nothing like it!! Have no fear!LOLFantastic news!!!! Huge hugs and lots of love your way.

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Naked happy dance is calling. Nothing like it!! Have no fear!LOLFantastic news!!!! Huge hugs and lots of love your way.

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Best of news, Kathryn!

Yours is the fastest turnaround I've ever seen in my life - way to go.

Enjoy your trip and Vaya con Dios :)


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That's great news Kathryn! "So we will never know if I am truly Stage III or IV, but I don't care and don't want to know" I love your attitude. Sometimes I think there is too much emphasis but on labels and numbers. What I think IS important is that you are feeling well and doing well.
Great news about the chemo break too. I'm just coming off a RFA that was done on my right lung on Tuesday (no hospital stay required!) and I have chemo Monday. It was supposed to be the double dose and it was supposed to be on Wed, the 23rd. I got her to change it to Monday the 21st and only a single dose so I'll be OK for Christmas. I don't care much about New Years.


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