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scan on monday

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hello my semi colon family l have my scan on monday all your good wishes and prayers are needed and appreciated l get my results on the 21st dec love to you all sonia

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Wishing you the best of results....steve

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My prayers are on the way! I hope that the result are a very special Chirstmas present for you.
Just happy to be here!!

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good luck !
My prayers are on their way!1

God bless

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Hi Sonia,

I will be thinking of you and praying for a good outcome on your scan Monday!!
Do you really have to wait until the 21st to find out the results?
I don't know how things like this work in the UK, but I always go to the records room at the hospital the very next day and request the report of my scan myself- no waiting until the doctor gets the results and interprets them, or contacts me! I've had enough scans that I pretty much know what it means & if I don't understand something, I just google it and find out. I even ran into my doctor in the hospital parking lot one time after I had just gone to get my results. I told him I just got my results. He looked surprised, but when I said, "I just don't like to wait", he just laughed & I proceeded to tell HIM what my results were!
Anyhow, just letting you know that if there's a way to get your scan report before the 21st, I'd do it if I were you- less anxiety with not having to wait a whole week for the results.

Hugs to you,

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Hi Sonia,

Here's to a clear scan coming your way. Keep us informed.


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The waiting is hard, but I pray that your scans are ALL CLEAR.

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