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Preserving Orginal Serous Cancer Speciman in Parafin

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I called my pathologist that read my orginal report on my uterine cancer. He said they preserve it in parafin for quite some time and tests can be added at a later date. He was not sure what tests could be added.

I am not familiar with the molecular testing or tissue assay they perform. But I know they are testing for chemo resistance. Perhaps more is still available to use on a shelf somewhere preserved in parafin. I guess this calls for a little more research on our part.

I was just getting "into living" and away from the computer and cancer for a while. Here I go again! Although I did my imagery last night and yoga. Just thought I would share this information; we are a great team of researchers even though we are not oncologists!

Gotta run to work. Love you all!


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It took me an entire year of asking repeatedly indifferent ways to get a doctor to order the hormone receptor status on my cells, unfortunately, he didn't really understand what I wanted as he had never ordered them before, so I only got the er and pr results and not the HER -2 or whatever that's called. My tumor, 40% pr, 60% er but mostly for the endometrial part and not the serous. My tumor was 35% or more serous and the rest endo. It measured 3cmx2cmc1cm so one can do the math if interested.

Still thinking of taking a road trip. If I had a vehicle that could go over 35mph without doing a severe shimmy, I'd be long gone.

Love to drive. Just love it!


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Good thing I have the genius IQ or where would I be??? If this is genius, what's not?? I feel like such a dolt most of the time, at least compared to how I used to be.

Does genius fade????

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