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I'm starting the "3;00am Club" for the people who cant sleep at night.

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I had my chemo today and I cant sleep AGAIN!!! Most nights seen to be like this lately but most of the time I just stay in bed a toss and turn all night. Does this happen to anybody else? I take me sleeping pill, take my Zanex, my pain pill, and still I'm up

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Chemo day for me too.
I just finished my book. Hopefully to sleep soon!

Rob; in Vancouver

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I'm usually up at that time. Nights are rough for me. I tried not getting on my blackberry all night to see if I could fall back asleep or I would of joined the club at 3:00am

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No chemo, just can't sleep. DH goes to work at 5am, so I am up most mornings before 4. These are the 'what if' hours - what if the next scan shows (fill in the blank); what if the ostomy doesn't work, etc.

Thanks, Vicki

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I 'm usually up during the night also. Have trouble sleeping more than a few hours at a time. I guess I'm not physically active enough to get really tired so that my brain shuts down for the night. To many thoughts and worries running through my head.

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generally can't sleep more than 1 1/2 to 2 hours in a row without getting up, even with Ativan,even if tired all day. Sometimes its the chemo, sometimes my nonstop mind, sometimes discomfort, sometimes just can't fall asleep...... not really too healthy.......Steve

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wow this is turning into quite a little club!

mmmmmmmm what could we do :):):)


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too im done with chemo and even the pills i take dont seem to help either.i was up at 12:00 but got cold so i crawled back in bed....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Yes!! The night before my chemo was Tuesday, hook up yesterday, but my nerves get so shot the night before I go, I was up at 2:00 am, and had drive 2 hours to Columbus, so we leave a few hours before, in case of traffic, but I caught up on my sleep today.. last night, I was tired, took an ativan and Xanex, and a couple hits of maryjane, and I was zonked out! I didn't even have to get up to empty my bag or anything, it was great! nothing was there, I slept through a night! and I feel pretty good today!

But there are always alot of those night when I'm just pitter-pattering through the house late night, checking on the kids, looking at them sleep, and just smiling away.


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yes,chemo night and for about two or three nights after,
monday nite i got to bed as sun was coming up!


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Although the Ativan is helping some, I wake up and it is tough to get back to sleep. Then during off times I'm not taking the Ativan and so it is hello everyone most nights. Talked with the Dr about that she she sleep when ever I can, now that was helpful :(. I do get my days and nights confused.

Last night I was awake at 3:24am, I sat on the couch and just cryed big aligator tears. Does this get better when we finish our rounds of chemo?


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I was up at 2:30-3 am EST and I'm still up. If I can stay away from my Laz-y boy chair I'm ok, otherwise I zonk out in 60 seconds....

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My time of not sleeping is the week after my chemo. I have chemo on Monday and I can usually sleep pretty good Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. By Thursday and Friday it is around midnight before sleep comes. Then comes Saturday thruough Sunday and I'm up until 3 or 4 a.m. I take Ambien and Ativan and the sleep just goes away. Sometimes I get up and come to the computer but most of the time I just lay there quietly while hubby sleeps. I don't want to wake him up or disturb him because he usually gets up early for work. If he wakes up and I'm not there it worries him and he can't get back to sleep then.
Yes, some nights the big crocodile tears just roll down my face as I go back over what the doctor has said and I wander if I'll be here for my grand children's graduation or even if I'll be here when the youngest starts to school.

Thanks for the late night club,
Debbie in Arkansas

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Goot the see others with the same time. I finley went to bed at 4am.. kind of half slept till 6 then crashed good till abut 9am. I hope tonight is better

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4:15 AM.....Steve

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My husband retired last year after 32 years on the night shift at GM. He's still on night shift time, so we go to bed around 4:00 AM or 5:00 AM and sleep till noon. I'm retired from the Federal Government, but do a lot of volunteering at my church (afternoon or evenings).

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Is there a chat for this cancer group so those of up late can converse faster than through posts? I found a general chat room for all cancers but no one is there, and was really looking for a chat room by type of cancer. I'm brand new here so still trying to figure out how to navigate.

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could never sleep right on midnite tour (aint natural)was glad to retire to sleep anytime. Since DX, can hardly sleep at all anytime!...Steve

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