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Updated: Not diagnosed but a PSA blood level of 5.02

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Hello All,

Having a better day today than when I first posted my original thread a week or so ago.

I went to a very reputable urologist today who reviewed my history, blood tests etc. Upon completing the digital exam, he advised that the prostate was completely normal and he was unable to feel any problems. Also told me to leave happier than I entered. In order to be 100%,that I do not have PC he suggested a biopsy in a couple of weeks. I feel better and think I have taken a huge step here. A little concern over the pending biopsy but not that much.

In any event, I am keeping my fingers crossed and thank all of you for helping me so much with your input, suggestions and support.

Thanks again.

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Please let us know the results of your biospy. Its a good idea to go ahead and get the test so you can rule out Prostate cancer if possible.


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Please make sure that your doc takes at least 12 cores in your biopsy............there are some docs that do less, and if there is a cancer there is a greater chance that it is not dectected.

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I have had 2 biopsies in 2 years. First came out clear. PSA raised from 5 to almost 7 in 2 years. Next 1 showed cancer in 5 out of 6 cores.So even a biopsy can miss cancer. My doctor insisted on a second one mainly because of my family history with this disease.

Dont want to either encourage or discourage you but if biospy shows negative still get your PSA checked yearly and good luck to you.

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the biopsies are not so bad. just make sure that your doctor takes enough cores. my first doctor only did 5. first time psa 6.5 clear. second time 12 mos later, psa 9.5, clear. changed doctors, third time 6 mos later, psa 12.5, 12 cores, gleason 4+3, already in the magins when i had the prostate removed. first doctor has since called me and said because of my situation, he has changed to taking more.

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first and only biospy was 15 core samples and they found cancer...my PSA was 2.82 and I am 55. If I was going to have a biospy (not the best thing to go through for me) I would want more core samples taken the first go around but that is me

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