6 year survivor of Stage 3 Melanoma

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Hi all, I am new to the discussion board so I would like to give you a little background about my cancer history.
I was diagnosed at 17 with melanoma in the form of a mole. It was removed at the time and areas around the mole.

In 2003, I have a reoccurance in my lymph nodes under my left arm. One out of four nodes were infected. I was accepted into NIH..National Institute of Health in Bethesda Maryland to participate in their clinical trial. I receivemd the immunotherepy vaccines for a year every three weeks.

Currently, being cancer free for 6 years I still have a ton of concern.
I am now 28 years old, married and looking to start a family. I have had many mix reviews from people on whether pregnancy can cause a reoccurance due to the hormone level changes.
The unknown of all of the answers is the hardest part. I am think I am living in denial thinking that I can carry my own child with no problem. If anyone has a store or feedback who may be going thru the same sort of thing I would love to chat.

This has been so hard for me to accept.



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    I have a similiar history. I
    I have a similiar history. I was diagnosed in 2000 when I was 42. My only Child (Daughter) was 8 months old. I had a reoccurance in 2006 and had a tumor removed from my neck.

    I do not see how pregnancy would trigger a reoccurance. This should not be a concern. The concern should be "what happens to my Child if I am not around to help".

    I completed a clinical trial at Sloane Kettering NYC last year. I have done everthing possible to stay healthy for my Family. I am healthy today but with Melanoma you are never cancer free. I have tried to keep my life simple in case of a reoccurance.

    Melanoma is a nasty disease and could take either of us quickly. My concern would be bringing another Life into the world when you may not be here to take care of that Life. You need to think outward instead of inward.

    What effect would it have on your Husband if he turns into a Single parent with a 2 year old? Do you have a strong immediate Family to help if you have a reoccurance?

    My daughter is now 10 and the joy of my life. I hope you can achieve the same happiness with childern of your own! May god bless you with wisdom in your decision.

    Merray 9 years 10 month survivor!