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stuff going on this week

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Well, this week will be a full one for me...
Tomorrow morning (Monday), I'll be having a PET/CT scan. I usually walk out of the place w/ a CD of the scan and then I go the next day to the hospital records room and get my copy of the written report. My CEA has been rising over the past 8 weeks, which has always been a telling indicator for me of new activity. I had been off the Avastin for a while though due to my colonoscopy a few weeks back & have now had it again with my past two Folfiri treatments. It will be interesting to see if going back on the Avastin for these past two treatments will have made a difference in my CEa and/or scan results. It seems maybe more than coincidental that my CEA started to rise when I had to stop the Avastin 6 weeks before my colonoscopy (I was off it for a total of 13 weeks). Who knows though how effective the Avastin is in me, because I had my recurrence back in August when I was on Avastin and Xeloda as maintenance. We'll see what the scan shows...

Last Monday was my last Folfiri treatment before ending it at least for the trial time of 11 weeks to to go see Dr. Cantrell in Nashville this week, start the new treatment and take it for 10 weeks, then rescan again. I fly out Wednesday and will have two appointments with him on Thursday and Friday, then fly home again Saturday. If all goes as Dr. Cantrell and I spoke about on the phone, I will be starting the treatment right away. I'll take the Lovastatin for 2 weeks and build up to the desired dose for my weight, then start in with the interferon after that and take the two combined for 8 weeks.
I'm a little nervous of what will or won't be seen on my PET scan tomorrow, but glad I'm getting scanned right before starting this new treatment of Lovastatin and interferon- we'll have my most up to date info from the scan and bloodwork and we'll know exactly what is in me at the start of this new treatment.

I'll let you know what my scan results are and then report in again after returning from Tenneessee. I'm actually also looking forward to this trip as a mini getaway as well- my sister in law is going with me and we'll visit with my nephew and his wife and hopefully have a couple of nice evenings with them.

I know there are several others who are going through things this week- chemo and trying to find clinical trials that will work, looking for answers for HIPEC treatment, plus more than just that, I'm sure (edit add on: I just read about John having colostomy surgery Monday or Tuesday- prayers will be with him). As I go on down this experimental road of treatment, my prayers are also with all of you for success and healing.

Take care everyone!

Julie 44
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Dear Lisa,
Wow you have alot going on..I wish you better luck on your Pet scan than I had....Also good vibes to you for your doctors visit in Tenn...Safe trip and I will be praying that all goes well for you...Let us know how you make out...JULIE

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with your new treatment, Lisa.....Steve

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Good luck Lisa!
I'll keep you in my prayers.

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Lisa, I will be praying hard for you today. I really feel like you are paving the way for a new way of treatment. I am amazed at your determination and know that this is going to work for you.I will be keeping you in my heart and prayers for the trip. God bless you, Patti

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We'll be sending good thoughts your way. Do you need a ride to the airport or anything? Let me know

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Thank you everyone for your well wishes and prayers! Brooks, I had actually forgotten you live so close by! That's right- we will have to get together sometime!
I'm good for going to and from the airport though, but thanks! :)

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I am so excited for you and the Nashville trip/experience! I will put you on the "good thoughts and prayer" list of mine- and look for updates on this week!

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You have a lot on your plate. I'm hoping that the scan comes out good and that all is successful with your new treatment. You have been down a long road and you still are on your journey. You are in my thoughts and prayers during the months ahead while you go through this. Keep us informed.


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Hey girl...... I have been almost as anxious as you to see how this new treatment works. I just have this deep down feeling that it is your calling. I just know it is what you need and I cannot wait for results. Please keep me informed. I am sending you a PM with my phone number to make sure you have it and to call me with every new thing happening.... I will keep you in my prayers every day. This is it girl!!!


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I will be traveling to Texas on the days you see Dr. Cantrell. I am so excited for you. Please keep us posted, are you taking a laptop or will you have access to a computer to keep us updated? I will have my laptop on the road and will be trying to check in. Keeping you in my prayers and my fingers crossed for a great results to your scans.

God Bless and best of luck, have safe travels.


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Best of luck, Lisa with all your appointments this week. I think it is very nice that you will be able to have some social time when you are on your trip! Please keep us informed; I know I am very interested in what you find our!

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I'll be thinking of you all week. Keep up the fight...you are a strong and amazing woman.

Many hugs, Vicki

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We will be praying for you, for good results, for safe travel, for a time of rest and for success in this new treatment!
You are an awesome role model and a great example of courage.
Take care and let us know how it all goes.

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You do have a lot going on this week. I am praying for you for everything you will be doing, scan, travel, time with family, time with Dr. Cantrell and your new treatment. You are a very strong lady and I am praying for good results.
I am glad that you are planning on enjoying your trip. The time without immediate family can be a time for rest and taking care of yourself.
We look forward to hearing from you.


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Lisa, may the scan have surprisingly GOOD results and I pray that things go great for you with Dr. Cantrall!


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You are a source of inspiration to me and many others. Avastin was a lifesaver for me years ago, I hope it brings your numbers down again. You certainly have a full week. I'm glad you can mix a little get-away fun time in there. Please keep us posted.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hi, Lisa.

You DO have a lot of stuff going on this week. I will be praying for good answers for you and safe travels. We'll all be anxious to hear about how you're doing!


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I've been praying and awaiting this day, too. Praying for wonderful results for you and hope you have loads of fun,too.


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I am 2.5 hrs away from Nashville...If you are of assistance of anything at all please call me. It would be my pleasure to help. Hopefully it will be problem free and also a blessing for you...Have a ball with you relatives and if you need anything at all simply call..... Clift

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May your travels be safe, your scans be clear, your treatment be successful and your strength and courage steadfast. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.

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I just wanted to say take a huge breath and keep moving forward babe!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and kick up those heels a little along the way!! You will be in my prayers this week lots of of hugs your way!!
Goofyladie (Cass)

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I hope all goes well and that you feel confident after your visit with Dr. Cantrell. Thanks so much for keeping us informed about your findings. It's so helpful to know what's available.

Safe travels and lots of love and care,

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It is a full, and exciting week. What a journey yours has been. And what a turn with this trip to Nashville. A veritable healing quest!
My prayers are that you will find moments of inner peace and stillness in the midst of all the travels and appointments; that you will see clearly and choose wisely in your discernment and decision making around treatment options; and that you will be sustained with continued courage and strength along whatever path is your to walk at this time.
And remember that whatever the path, whatever the outcome, you are not alone!

Peace and blessings... Rob; in Vancouver

"Life is short, and we do not have long to gladden the hearts of those who travel the way with us. So let us be quick to love, and let us make haste to show kindness." Henri Amiel

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I'll be thinking about you this week, Lisa. Please keep us posted. In addition to your meetings and treatments, I hope you can enjoy a bit of rest, relaxation, and fun while you are in TN!

Prayers and hugs,

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Hi, Lisa,

I'll be thinking about you today and will be eager to hear how the scan goes. Everyone else has said so much, so I'll just leave it at that - know that I'm thinking about you and sending prayers and good thoughts your way.


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I'm going to echo what Adrian and everyone else has said and will be think ing and praying for you as well. Lots and lots of hugs!


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I am constantly thinking of you as my situation is somehow similar to yours. My CEA is rising after four round of Xeliri, CT shows a little progression in three non-operable places in the abdomen: limph mode, adrenal gland and close to pancreas. No Erbitux for me so Oxalyplatin with Avastin would be the last option. I'd like to try any sort of Immunotherapy at last, since obviously my Immune system is still fighting. I am getting hives and itching whenever stop the chemo for longer time and I don't know of any other possible source of allergy. It Could be maybe induced by the Avemar which I am taking for years now. It is known that it modulates the Immune system. Anyhow I may end up at dr.Cantrell's office as well one day.
My absolute best wishes to you Lisa and everybody

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I pray that the new treatment will work and you will be ok.


Fight for my love
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You are in my prayers and I hope all goes very well.

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