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JohnSFO update Scheduled for 12/1!

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John experienced another blockage and we made a trip to the ER on Saturday after a valiant but fruitless attempt to move it along with Go-Litely (the daily Miralax doses had stopped working). To make a long story short, he got admitted and will have a colostomy on Monday or maybe Tuesday. We had expected an emergency colostomy when we went in, but they were able to make him comfortable (only after a fair amount of torture first - I could go on about that, but who wants to hear it) and the surgeon who did his original resection back in 2007 will do the operation. We're happy with that arrangement, as we both trust her and she's already familiar with his anastomosis and its idiosyncrasies.

I know he will appreciate any good intentions, prayers, private messages or whatever. We're not hung up on the terminology.
It's now 4:30 am and I just got back from Stanford Hospital. It still feels like Saturday to me, even though I know it's really Sunday.

Thanks to all of you - this board is an amazing community. Sitting there with him in the Stanford ER, I was thinking about you guys and feeling your support even though I had yet to post this.


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Adrian and John,

We are thinking of you. I just had an ostomy on Nov 11 and honestly, I am so glad I did. All my issues are now gone. Yes, I have to learn a "new" way of living, but it is easy-peasy in my book. Most of all, I have control back and the pain is gone.

Stanford is a great hospital. I used to live in the Bay Area and they saved my life when I had viral meningitis back in, well...let's say a long time ago! LOL! And my daughter was born at Stanford, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Good luck and many hugs to you both. Now, go get some rest! Vicki

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I will be praying for John and you, will pray for successes and comfort.
Take care,

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definitely prayers coming your way!

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a successful operation and speedy recovery.....Steve

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I want to wish John a speedy recovery, & will be thinking of him as he goes through this procedure. Keep good care of yourself during this.

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...and sending best wishes for a smooth surgery and fast recovery for John. I'm also praying for you Adrian. I know how stressful this is for you as a caretaker. It will take some getting used to, but I'm sure that the procedure will bring relief to both of you.

Prayers and best wishes,

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Hi Adrian,
So sorry to hear that John is having to go through this, but it will be okay. I am sitting at Memorial Sloan Kettering next to Brant who has a nicely functioning colostomy right now. When we first thought he would have to have one last April, we were sad about it but now that things have turned even more serious we could care less about the colostomy.

Since Brant's tumor was so low it was causing a lot of pain and having the APR and the colostomy has really helped that. We know the colostomy will be a "new normal" and we will get used to the care. I hope it brings some relief to John as well. Please PM me and let me know who your doctors are at Stanford. We would love to be able to help or give a heads up to some doctor friends there to watch out for you guys.

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let John know we are thinking about him and praying for him. I sure hope this brings him some relief and very soon. I pray for a speedy recovery and that he will be home in no time at all.
God Bless you both

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Hello Adrian, Thanks for the update. Tell John I am praying for him.

I have a permanent colostomy due to ColorectalCancer. It has saved my life.

When you have questions about Ostomy management let me recommend a couple os sites.

First is UOAA.org You will get more info there than you can possible ever use.

c3life.com is another great place. Lots of good info.

if you want some live chat and instant information Ostomyland.com has a 24/7 chat room. People there are always willing to help.

And of course here and the Chat room are good sources for the cancer related stuff.

Good luck to you both......Jimbob

Julie 44
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My thoughts and prayers are going out to both of you..I know its not easy being in either position....But hang in there it has GOT to get better...We are here for you...JULIE
P.S. as everyone keeps telling me just keep plugging along second by second and eventually we will all get there..Where I don't know but there lol lol

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Paula G.
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I'll be thinking about both of you. I hope everything goes good. It means a lot that you like the surgeon. Please keep us informed. Paula

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Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the update. John and I were just talking about the "inevitability" of a colostomy last week.

I hope things go well with the surgery and that you are both able to adjust to a new normal smoothly.

Holding you in the light... Rob; in Vancouver.

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I will be thinking of and praying for John as he undergoes the colostomy surgery. I just posted about what my week entails and mentioned also that I know others are going through a lot of things this week, also. I didn't know yet about John when I wrote that, but I guess it just adds to what everyone is going through this week.
You take care and I think it's probably a good thing that the original surgeon that you're comfortable with is doing the surgery.
It will be a huge adjustment after the surgery, but hopefully it will help bring relief and healing to the problems he's been having.

You take care-

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Holding you and John in the Light.

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Dear Friends,

Adrian brought my laptop to the hospital today, and I just read all of your messages. Thank you all so much! I almost wrote that you don't know how good you all make me feel -- but I think we all do know how good this group is for all of us.

I'm feeling OK right now and will be glad to be feeling good soon.

Much love,


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I'm praying for you both as well. I moved to NJ recently but I was born and raised in the Los Gatos-Campbell area and lived in Alameda right before moving here. OH! How I miss the farmer's market in the city! More prayers coming.


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John and Adrian,
You will both be in my prayers. I pray the surgery will go well and John will adjust to the colostomy with no problems. You are in great hands at Stanford. I'll be thinking about you John when you and in surgery and you Adrian as you wait for John.
Take care.

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Adrian & John,

I feel the pain you are going through. I to am in the hospital this holiday weekend. I will be thinking positive thoughts for a sucessful surgery and speedy recovery, as well as thinking exta positve thoughts for Adrian while you are in surgery.


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Hi, Adrian.

I'm praying for you and John. I hope the operation will go well, and John will get some major relief.


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Hi Adrian

Thanks for keeping us posted and I will holding you two in my heart this coming week.


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Praying for you...God Bless you, Patti

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You two have been thru so much, my arms are wrapped around you with the warmest hold and hug I could offer you. Keep moving forward my many prayers your way. Goofyladie (Cass)

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Oh Gosh, I know the feeling all too good, I've had several this year, and have a temporary colostomy, though it will be permanent, because I'm too chicken to go through a takedown, but I feel for you John, thanks Adrian for letting us know, and I tell you, it's not so bad, though be careful what you eat and how much at first with it, because you can still get blockages with a colostomy, and really good dilaudin through a pain pump for that as well, once you see you haven't gone in a couple days, make sure to go to ER, don't wait till the pain gets so bad you can't move, like I did a few times.

You will have a big incision which I found was the worse of it, the healing with the wound vac, not sure if you are getting that, but I had it on for 5 weeks, it heals it faster and less risk of infections than the wet/dry dressing, I never got an infection, it healed it nicely, though it was painful getting the spongelike dressing out of the wound, take a pain pill and anxiety pill first LOL... I sure did! The home health nurses came 3 times a week to do that for me, but it got better week, where it didn't hurt for me, and I was able to take the sponges out before the nurses even got there, and all they had to do was cut it and hook me up to the pump again, it's very hard at first, but it will get better! Good luck on your surgery John, the colostomy is just part of a daily routine now for me, I even shower without the bag, I time it now where I am sure won't poop in the tub! LOL!!

Glad to hear your feeling better, and hope you get much better day by day! you are an awesome caregiver Adrian, you are wonderful!

Hugsss to you both!

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Adrian and John,
I was out of computer access all weekend so did not see your post until this AM. I am so sorry to hear about the blockage and I am sure the surgery will go fine, Stanford is a great place, Christopher had his surgery there. I will be praying for you both, hang in there.
Big hugs,

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Hey Bill - we were probably not too far from you guys, assuming you were away from the computer because you were up in Mendocino. We had gone up to Yorkville on Friday to spend the weekend with friends, but then ended up coming down to Stanford ER on Saturday, where he's been ever since. I'm sitting bedside now, waiting to hear when they will actually perform the operation. He's much more comfortable now that they relieved the pressure from the blockage. He's sleeping now, so I'm poking around on here.

Thanks to everyone else who posted replies - it really makes us both feel good.


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I hope all goes well with John's surgery, keep us posted.

You are both in my thoughts and prayers.



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Just saw your post. It must have been an awful weekend for the two of you. Sending healing thoughts and wishes you way and hope that all goes well in the surgery and coming weeks of recouperation. You are a super caregiver, don't forget to take care of yourself also. Tina

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Good Luck to you John and Adrian!

I hope things go as well as planned for you and the operation is succesfull.


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So sorry to hear about John and what he's going through! You both definately have my prayers and good thoughts coming your way! I think of the two of you often. Stay strong! We are all here for the two of you!

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Still praying guys!

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Hey Gang,

We just learned that he has been added to the surgery list for tomorrow afternoon! We are both so relieved that it's going to happen sooner rather than later. We're both in really good spirits and the smile on his face when they told him it was on went from ear to ear!

Thanks to all of you for all your support and kindness - it's really beyond what words can express! We both feel so good to be a part of this wonderful family! If money were no object I'd love to travel around the country (and continent) and meet each of you in person.

lots of love and light,

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We'll keep the Lights on for the both of You!

Best of luck and I hope for a speedy recovery from the surgery with minimal complications.

And Adrian - I have not yet had the chance to say thank you for the "robot" gift that you and Eric and everyone put together for me - I will talk about it on my upcoming post, but that was really very thoughtful of you to do for me and I just wanted you to know it from me.


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Prayers and positive vibes coming your way from the frozen north.

I hope surgery goes easy and takes care of the issues he's been having.

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I will be thinking of you two today! Many blessings your way!! You know, they say, "Good things come to those who wait!! I am praying you have waited long enough! God Bless you! Goofyladie (Cass)

Fight for my love
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Best luck with the surgery and get well soon!

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Let me know if there is ANYTHING i can do for you. I live a few minutes from Stanford and am happy to bring you a meal, coffee, sit with you, anything. Prayers the surgery went well. I know you are in good hands. Is Dr. Fisher John's onc?

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Us boxer owners are special types. Keep us posted!

My boxer pup's sister and new little brother are coming to stay with us tomorrow. My 2 cats are not going to be happy with 3 boxers in the house but seem to know it is only for a short time.

Lisa P.

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