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Life reminders

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As a cancer survivor and caregiver I seem to get constant reminders about our struggles in life. My cousin and I went out for a quick evening sail on his small boat. We were heading back home when the Lake Superior wind completly died. We were becalmed two miles from our dock. Feeling quite secure with out new outboard motor that would run for five hours on a tank of gas we pulled the sails and started motoring. About a mile from the dock we ran out of gas. So much for the great fuel economy the dealer promised. It was now getting dark and we had no lights. We put the sails back up and prayed for some wind. We got just enough to creep along towards the dock. We were about a hundred feet away when the wind left us again. This time we pulled out our trusty 1/2 of an paddle. YES 1/2 of a paddle. We made it to the dock and called it a successful trip. I would suspect many other people would think otherwise. But at the end of the day we kept looking for options and made it home. Sometimes I need these reminders so I don't forget where I have been. Slickwilly

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Yes slick and you have the great memory the lack of wind supplied you with. Had it been windy you it would have been just another day on the lake. Your post has reminded me of a mishap we once had on the water I shall post as well. Glad you got back to shore safely!


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