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Couple more hours and Mrs VickiCo should be back in room.....

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Well, she should be a couple more hours before her new life begins. Hopefully it will be laproscopic which will make it easier on her recoup time. Looking forward to hearing about her feelings when she wakes up with one. She was real worried the first time about possibly having to have an ostomy now to wake up and realize its real now. I think as soon as the discomfort ceases she will be tickled pink with her Very hard decision she made for herself...We all wish you the best buddy and look forward to talking with you very soon...Lots of love here, Clift

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Cliff... I thinking of her too. She's a strong person and I'm sure she'll be just fine.


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I hope we hear soon and i hope she doing ok.


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Paula G.
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I hope she will do well. Thanks for keeping us informed.
Look forward to seeing her posts.Good thoughts for you VickiCo, Paula

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I think it be a good change for her then what she was going through, it's definitely been a lifesaver for me, and something to get used too, but definitely doable. Hope she's doing well also, and she will wear it well :)


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she'll be a wholely new person but hopefully not in much pain....Steve

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...The hardest part with that type of surgery is the incision. Mine is so long, and so deep, that was the painful part. I had a wound vac on for 5 weeks, while the home health nurses came to my house 3 times a week to change the dressing, and that also was painful, I'd be in tears when they took the foam part out of the incision, because it sometimes stuck to your skin and wound, but it does heal, takes time, and everyday just gets better.

It's good to just hold a pillow to your stomach when walking or laughing, or even sneezing, it's been since February since I had my colostomy, but I still feel the incision deep, but not painful anymore lol...the stoma itself has no nerve endings, so you don't feel that at all either, but this surgery could be a godsend for folks who do have very bad bathroom issues with this disease.


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Hoping to hear all went well, and that this helps her with the problems she's been having, so she is happy with her decision.

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I bet the anesthesia has got her loopy today but I bet ya shes on here tomorrow. If I know her like I think I do. She has a great caregiver so she'll be just fine. Sleep well buddy, we'll see ya in the morning, right after your jello breakfast.....Bless you .....Buzzard

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Thanks for letting us know how she's doing.I pray she recovers quickly,and easily.I think she will get used to the ostomy after awhile.

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Welcome to your new and different world. I sincerely hope it will be a good change and one that will make your life so much better once you get used to it. My husband woke up from his surgery in Sept with a perm colostomy and is getting along great so far. You have been through alot of pain and now that part is over. Hopefully the surgery went well. Thinking of you.

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Hoping to hear she's very pleased with the decision!


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to hear form Vicki, and I sure hope she is doing well. I hope this brings her some new freedom and less discomfort. Thinking of you Vicki.


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It may take time for Vicki to be up to checking and posting on this site with her recovery. I'm looking forward to hearing from her when she does post.


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I started a new thread, but I am home and doing very well. Thanks, Clift, for everything. This is my new beginning....


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