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Need a favor

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Hi everyone,

Tomorrow is chemo #8, AND we get the results of my husband's scan. Lots of "scanxiety" tonight, in addition to the usual "night before chemo blues" (just when he starts to feel better, it's time to do it again). He's tough, and has been a trouper, but it's starting to get to him.

Please say a prayer, send good thoughts, energy, etc., for Brian, that the treatment is working, and that the liver mets have shrunk or possibly even disappeared.

Thanks so much!
Be well,

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Hi DannL

I'll say a special prayer for you and your husband tonight. Be well and take care. Roy

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I'm praying for you and Brian right now. I hope he gets an all clear. :)


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I will say a prayer for you guys tonight. GOd Bless, Patti

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Always say something before I go to work, and always add my family.

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Certainly will!

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I hope your husbands scan shows clear. I will pray for good results and wish you the best.


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on their way...........for all clear scans......

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all is clear.


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Prayers are coming your way for Dave! I will be thinking of the both of you!


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I am sooo sorry, I called your husband Dave, I mean Brian! I apologize.
I'll send Dave some prayers too, whoever the heck he is! Hee Hee


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Praying for Brian.

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The chemo is working for him as well! I bet it is! Hopes and Prayers coming your way, and don't worry about things till there is something to worry about, just live, love and laugh, I know harder said then done, but don't let the scans get to you!


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Hey Brian, Hang in there. I know it gets hard sometimes. I have my moments too and I know it's not easy. My next chemo is 6 out of 9 and it seems to be getting harder on me too. I'm sure things will look good on the scan. No worries there. I'll be thinking about you today.

Life is funny sometimes

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Prayers are on the way. i went thru the same thing,but just said to myself 8 down 4 to go. There is light at the end of the tunnel. My thuoght and prayers are with you .
Just happy to be Here!!

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Just said a prayer for both of you. I just got done 12 of 12 on OCt 19th, it gets tough but think of it as 2/3 of the way there. Scan will be good, just keep saying that and it will happen, I know it will!


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I am sending prayers, good vibes, and mojo your way.

Fight for my love
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You and your husband are in my prayers!I hope there is a very good outcome from the scan.Best luck with it!

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Here;s hoping Brian's scan come up clean.....Steve

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So, some good news and not so great news.

Good news:

--Lesions on liver have shrunk some more - MOST IMPORTANT.

--No chemo today, so Brian will be feeling good for his trip this weekend to San Diego to see the Eagles/Chargers game. Twenty guys are going out for four days. It was planned well before his dx, his friends insisted he still go, and were all willing to adjust their plans out there to accomodate him if he was sick. I was worried, and he was bummed, that he would be sick from chemo this week, and be far from home, etc., so no chemo means he will be feel well enough to enjoy the trip and the game (provided the Eagles don't disappoint - HA HA).

--Change in chemo schedule means he won't have chemo the day before Thanksgiving, and two days before Xmas, so he will be able to enjoy the holidays.

--He has an appt. with a naturopathic doctor tomorrow night to support him through treatment and beyond.

--We have contacts at UPenn and MSK if his comfort level with Fox Chase starts to wane.

Not so great news:

--Lesions on liver are all still there - eleven - three largest are still measureable, though smaller, and at this point, he is still not a candidate for any targeted therapies for liver.

--No chemo today because his platelets are down. We both get concerned that missing chemo gives lesions a chance to grow - scary, and he is anxious to get through the twelve.

--Onc's answer to his question "...what happens after the twelth if lesions are still there...?" She told him, "...More chemo, twelve is just a number...we hope that they will continue to shrink and that we will be able to do something, but we don't know at this point. Of course, we want you to live your life .... we understand it is difficult to make long range plans ... we're in this for the long haul...", etc., etc., etc.

--Chemo schedule change wreaks havoc on my work schedule, which is already arranged and covered, meaning I may not be able to go with him to the next few treatments, and I don't want him to be alone for even one minute of this thing.

--No chemo today means he has to postpone dental work he is waiting to have done, and more importantly, have the internal stitch that keeps working its way to the surface, causing him pain, taken care of.

Overall, good news - we are moving in the right direction, and that is most important. I don't want to seem like I am ungrateful, and failing to embrace a blessing - I know how much worse it could be. But, I think he - we - kind of lulled ourselves into thinking the chemo would end at some point in the near future (I think only you guys would understand), and that he could get on with things, especially getting the incision/stitch issue addressed. Hopefully, that will happen.

He has been a little down as the treatments have progressed. He is tired of not feeling well, and being tired; he is frustrated by not being able to do the things around the house he always did (and secretly likes to I think - it took me 23 years and a Stage IV cancer dx to get him to hire someone to cut the grass); he is frustrated by not being able to make plans, and know he will be well enough without worrying about "what if I'm sick, or need surgery, or hooked up to the pump, etc., etc., etc.

Anyway, thank you for your prayers, and for allowing me to vent - sorry this is so long. One day at a time, right ... and some good news is always better than any bad.

I pray for all of you on this board and your loved ones too. I pray that God, as you know him/her will bless and heal you all, that you'll be well and always have peace in your hearts.

Thanks again,

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I'm glad you had some good news. And I think the break from chemo is actually good news too. A chance to have some fun with his buddies might be exactly what he needs right now to boost his spirits, which in turn may help boost his health and prepare him to get tough for continuing the fight. (Plus having breaks around the holidays is wonderful too.)

I can totally relate to the schedule change worries - those bother me too.

And the unknown... we'd all love to say we'll get through 12 cycles of chemo and be NED and done forever. But in reality only a portion of us do get to say that, and others have to battle a little harder.

The great news is the forward progress that is happening. I pray that he continues to keep making progress towards beating this, and doesn't have to continue too many extra cycles with chemo.

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Thank you for sharing that information it helps those of us with any outstanding concerns to. I have a stitch that feels like a piece of steel that surfaced 2-months after my surgery. I went back to the surgeon and he told me it was a suture knot and it should be gone in a month well it disappeared but now its back again. Does Brian have to have his removed and does it sound like i have the same type of thing going on? Thanks.

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I'm so glad for the good news. I do wish, as you do, that the lesions were all gone and not an issue at all. But we'll just keep praying about that.

Looking forward to hearing about his trip. Hope he has a fabulous time!


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I will add you and your husband to my prayer list today DEB

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Nana b
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I read your post and I know what you're talking about. The surgeries don't help either. I am off of chemo now for about 5 weeks and I feel good other then the port in my chest, my neck aches all the time. I go to bed and say I am going to take time to reflect and you know all I do is go right to sleep, it's like my body is healing from all the chemo. My body is taking all the sleep it can get. I used to wake up over the littlest things, now I wake up and it's morning. Hmmmmm, where am I going with this. Guess reflecting. lol. Take it one day at a time and do the count down. Rest whenever you can, both of you. Try to smile.

God bless....

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I feel you. I am now going into my 6th with great anxieties with the upcoming scans. I will say some special prayers for you. Hope all is clear for you. God Bless.

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