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Night sweats

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Anyone experienced night sweats? e.g., wake up with a partially wet shirt? I'm 3 weeks post-op and have been getting them nightly for the past few days. No other symptoms really.

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Night sweats, day sweats, any inopportune time sweats.

I started random excessive sweating about the time of my diagnosis. I have said that if I think hard I sweat. My PCP said it was a hormonal balance issue. It has gotten worse since the surgery. Both urologists I see have confirmed it is hormonal and can be expected after a prostatectomy.

The surgeon says I can start hormone balance therapy, androgel, when I get the post-op PSA, the local urologist says I can't start it for a year. Androgel is called a "fertlizer" for prostate cancer so I am torn.


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Thanks for the info.... maybe I'll live with them - don't need fertilizer.

I know that testosterone doesn't come from the prostate but it sounds like something does and therefore, messes us up when it's removed? Interesting.

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I have had night sweats for about 6 years could this be a early sign of prostate cancer or just a coincidence?


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After I came home from my bladder and prostrate rempveal I had night sweats. I would wake up so wet I thought I done pee every where. It has been a year now since the removal and I am 31, but I only have these night sweats every 3-4 months now.

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I had night sweats after my prostate was removed. I read that reducing alcohol comsumption would help (I'd have wine or a mixed drink at night) ... I quit drinking and the sweats went away.

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I had my surgery on Nov. 3rd and since I've been home I have had night sweats on about 3 or 4 nights only. I have no idea myself but would love to hear an explanation.

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I get both night and day sweats. i was told by my Oncologist that the hormone treatment I am receiving is the cause.

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