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Almost my 2 yr. Mark

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Well i am new to this whole process however i was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma in nov. 07. At the age of 24 i had to have a radical hysterectomy and went thru the hyperperitoneal chemo and then chemo afterwards. I made the mistake of sending the social workers away saying that i was ok. Now 2 years later i still dont feel like who i was before this shattered my world. I still to this day dont know how to deal with the fact that i cant have a child now and for a reason that is unexplained. I have a life partner that has helped me thru this but i know that even she can tell this has changed me and i am no longer the fun loving girl i once was. I know that i know now that i should have taken the help that was offered. dont get me wrong i am not suicidal or anything i am just in need of support from those who may have a similar situation. Maybe just someone to help me cope with what was taken from me. for those who dont know mesothelioma is caused by asbestos and normally takes 30-50 years to develop. I however was only 24 which is really really rare. I came to this board to hopefully find some support and talk with fellow suvivors to help me in my journey.

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I have just had a bilateral mastectomy. Not what you have yet we all are survivors of an illness that somehow puts a certain "shelf life" on your existence. By that I mean, that while we all die one day, since before cancer we don't even bother to speculate about when and how, we become so aware of our mortality. I am also very new at this board and was seeking to know if there were any lesbians who had a watering hole to gather at. I think there have been attempts but they seem to be pretty dated. Are we being discouraged? I don't know.

However, I am here and will keep coming back to hear from you and others.

I also find it strange that you were afflicted with mesothelioma considering the gestation time for it. What did your doctor/s say caused it in some one your age, if I may ask. I certainly will be here for you. Have you considered therapy to work out the changes in your life and personality? Please don't get discouraged.


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Hi Girls, I am a breast cancer survivor, just finishing up my first year. This perticular board is not very active, I have to admit though that it is nice to see some postings on it. So you both know I am here to support in anyway I can.
Please don't restrict yourselves to just this board the other ones that relate to your situations are also very helpful, and suppotive.
According to the CSN Staff, there will soon be an option for us to chat just us girls, in the mean time if I can help in anyway please let me know, you can pm me or leave a msg here.

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I'm also a breast cancer survivor -- diagnosed 6 months ago, have done surgery and chemo and am now doing radiation.

I'm active on the Breast Cancer board, and have felt completely welcome there. Like TJ, I do check this one occasionally, as I would hate for anyone posting here to feel like their feelings were just sent out into a black hole.

I would love to see this board get more active, and will keep poking my nose in here for anyone who needs support.


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