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Restaging?????? What Does That Mean?????

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I have a PET scheduled for 9/26 and I got a letter in the mail from the Oncology Center saying this scan is for restaging. HUH? I thought once a IV always a IV...right???


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Hi Jennie:

I imagine that they are using this terminology for billing purposes - sort of like for medical justification as to why they are doing the scan - to see whether there has been any progression of disease or hopefully, improvement. Just my thoughts on the subject. I wouldn't take this as cause to worry. This will also probably be how they code the procedure for billing purposes. Take care. Roy

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My oncologist described it as that you are always considered stage 4 but there are various stages along the way such as when you are in remission or there is low activity you are restaged for the moment. You can be restaged temporarily, so it is what you are at that time. So you can be restaged to stage 2 but since they never think that you will stay that way you are always stage 4. I have no idea if that makes sense to you but that is how it works.


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... Told me you don't necessaarily get restaged to a lower stage of cancer, once a 3 or 4, always a 3 or 4, maybe it depends on the onc?


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Maybe that was just the way I understood it. I apologize if I gave false information.


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