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Sundance's Last Post Before Surgery - "Let's Just Talk"

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Dearest Semi;Colon Family :)

It has been said that “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” And that’s exactly how I feel about it too.

By now, all of you are aware of my upcoming lung surgery with Da Vinci this Friday, October 16th @ 7am (CST).

So, I thought for this post, I would just sit down here and we could get comfortable and “just talk with each other” again and I can tell you a couple more stories before the Big Day arrives.

I will be temporarily “off the air” a spell – hey, no clapping or loud applause :)

I just thought it would be nice to “reflect” back on my time here with all of you, if you don’t mind?

It has been an amazing journey for me from Before I got here until now – I’ve learned so much from all of you and you have taught me the value of FRIENDSHIP and what it means to have good people, in your life, and what’s it’s like to have a wealth of friends you can count on.

I knew when I found this site and saw the “buzz” of everyone connecting and caring about each other, that I just wanted to be here among such great people and be a part of this community – I knew it was the place to be. Your love and beautiful feelings have shown me that - THANK YOU!

It has taken me 48 years to finally find a place “where I fit in.”

And I cannot thank each of you enough for that – FRIENDSHIP / LOVE / ACCEPTANCE are the most treasured gifts that each of us can give one another – and they go way beyond the material goods that we are taught to TREASURE and VALUE in this lifetime.

Kathryn in MN mentioned this to me just the other day – she came here for information, but found out all too quickly what the rest of us have come to realize - what is really important is being WITH each other in this wonderful place that we call HOME.

And if you figure that one out, well then “you get it.”

The other thing I wanted to talk about was the James Taylor “You’ve Got A Friend” post I opened a few days ago – that one really hit a chord with everybody and I’m so glad that you enjoyed it – it is now the “officially” licensed Semi;Colon ANTHEM.

As I listened to the words of that song, I heard the following verse, which moved me to tears:

People can be so cold.
They'll hurt you and desert you.
Well they'll take your soul if you let them.
Oh yeah, but don't you let them.

And that verse reminded me about how “COLD” people had been to me in the past, before I found the board and this wonderful community of “spirits” that reside here in “Our World.”

It was an interesting, emotional feeling I was experiencing that afternoon as I was putting it all together and it made me think back to when I first talked to Chicky aka Shayenne in my first communication with her right when I joined the board, and told her I had just lost faith in people – and she told me not to give up on people but stay here on the board, where people care about each other – she was so wise and I am glad that I listened to her and decided to “unpack my bags” and stay with you…((Chicky))

So, as I listened to that song play over and over, I got a very warm feeling come over me, “You’ve Got a Friend” and thus the message that I wanted to spread.

I mentioned the following on that post, but it is still relevant, that I wanted to repeat it here again:

For the rest of our lives, anytime that WE hear this song anywhere in the world and at any time, WE will always be reminded of the SEMIS and this special moment in time when we were all connected to each other and alive in each other's hearts :)

It's amazing how life can work when we are dialed into the wonderment and opportunities that comes our way and when we are OPEN to sharing and receiving – Isn’t that just wonderful?

And each time that I "connect with you" just gets better and better as our relationship continues to GROW and GROW and becomes stronger with each passing post....it's just a beautiful thing.

The “Boundaries of Friendship" have been re-defined here and what I find fascinating is how “our spirits” connect with each other and how lacking the physical presence of a body, does not mean that you cannot be a friend to someone – in fact I find it richer than many relationships that I have formed person to person.

It is the beauty of looking into each other’s “souls” and eschewing prejudice and the other “walls” that people sometime build up that can hinder any good relationship.

For you see, what we are “seeing, hearing and feeling” is the true beauty of the person and the words they are speaking to us with their message – and not our physical limitations or our backgrounds – we are UNITED in our common afflictions and we can relate to each other in a way that is “truly pure.”

Perhaps, one of the “purest” things I’ve ever experienced in my life – and I owe that all to YOU :)

If more of the world could act in ways of showing affection, caring and in the true spirit of giving, as we practice here in Our World, then what an even more wonderful world this Earth would become.

By “Paying It Forward” WE each enrich the Human Experience and the betterment of not only each other, but for mankind as a whole. This is truly a wonderful gift that I wish more of the world could understand and experience.

If only we could drop the “materialistic” attitudes that pervade our society and get back to the basics - one person helping another, then helping another, well then – that is a community, isn’t it?

I mean we’re all in this TOGETHER, right? This is perhaps the biggest lesson that this Board has taught me.

By one person helping one another for the sheer sake of “giving” makes us all ONE – and that is another beautiful thought – I’m a dreamer I know, but I dream of a world like this, where devoid of excess materialism, we could eliminate so many of the “jealousies” that man sometimes exhibits toward his fellow man.

It’s not about our possessions in life – I’ve learned the hard way that this world is all about Experiences and Memories and the ability to be able to relate and “Connect” to our fellow man, that really makes the world turn. These are the treasures that we will all carry with us to the end.

As I’ve mentioned before, “There is no luggage rack on the hearse.”

All of you have reminded me what LIFE is really about and what we each cherish in our lives – and I read it every day in your posts and it makes me feel so good :)

Finally, I will close this post with one last GOOD story.

I had the opportunity to go out of town for a one-nighter (get your minds out of the gutter) -LOL :)

No, this one-nighter I was out “on tour” working the Karaoke circuit – I went to see one of my Aunts and Uncle, their daughter and her daughter. They met me at a little country restaurant in a small country town in East Texas – called affectionately Ed’s Place.

So, I got the chance to break out some new songs I had been working on that I wanted to do before surgery arrived – my show has switched to “Old Country” now and I sang some George Jones and Johnny Cash – I got some nice applause and it was a wonderful evening and I got the chance to see everybody….now if only I could put together a couple of notes and not make the dogs howl down there, I’d be doing good :)

Anyway, it was good to get out of the big city and breathe in some country air and see land where there were trees and nature, instead of buildings and cement – it was good for the soul.

The “Guitar Man”, Phil, would have certainly been proud of the effort that night…in fact I had a dream the night before that Phil was there and he was playing the “Fender Lap Strat”…and doing a good job BTW!

Oh, and before I forget - I wanted to say a special THANK YOU to Emily, who I finally “connected” with on my JT post – Em, you made my day that day, not once, but twice! I thought I can go onto Heaven now :)

Well, I have done all that I know to do “right now” to reach out to all of you and I must take some time now to go and handle my business – with all of YOU pulling and praying for me, HOW can I let any of you down now?

Besides, Buzzard will just come after me if I don’t do right…(hehe, right Clift?)

I just wanted you to know that each of you “Live in my Heart” and I hope that a little bit of me “lives in your hearts” as well.

And I will be thinking about each and everyone of us as they “take me on that long ride down the hall.” You will all be there with me and I draw great warmth and comfort in that thought. I hope to get to “eyeball” the Da Vinci in the O/R before they turn my lights out. I want to see it face-to-face.

This is such a beautiful community and I will be here as long as you will “have me.” Thank you again for having me here with you. There is nowhere else that I would rather be :)

All of YOU are my inspiration and I would hate to be doing this now without “youz.” I feel so privileged and honored to be here and “walk among you.”

And no post would be complete without my favorite tagline – now all of you please say this with me out loud:

“Cancer does not define me, but HOW I live and fight with Cancer DOES define me.”

Ok, it’s time for another Group Hug:

((((MY SEMIS;)))) I Love You THIS MUCH!

Your fellow Semi;Colon / Semi;Liver / Semi;Lung /.… and Friend!


P.S. “In Recognition and Appreciation” of my best friends…
Chicky, Kim, Eric, Phil, Canada Rob, Patti (KS), Patteee, Lisa, DianeT, Lizzy, Clift, Lorraine, Betina, Raquel, John, Emily, FFML, Leslie, Jennie, Sonia, Sheri, Paula, Mike, Gail, Vicki, Donnare, Amy, Nudgie, Petrina, Cass, Serrana, Julie, Marie, Jeff, Christine, Anne, Pokismom, Anna, Debbie (Gramma), Debbie (Bdee) Kathleen, Margaret, Canada Sue, Kelly, Buzzi, Dawn, Liz, Susan, Debbie, Chip, Tiny One, Winney, Winnie, Krista, KathiM, Michelle (angelsbaby), Cowman (Diane), Devastated, Dasspears, Maglets, Lisa P, Carletta, Beth, Kirsten, Linda, Peggy, and Karguy.

And to the newbies:
Don, Jan, Brooks, Roy, Karyn, Adrian, Janet, Dennis, Jeanlynet and Kathryn.

WOW! That’s a big list! If I missed anyone, please forgive me, I wish all of you well too. I look forward to meeting more of you as time passes, and even if we have not yet met…Be Well!


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That was so beautiful I wish you the very best and a speedy recovery. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Take Care



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Another fine post!

You are such an inspiration to so many on this board! Your posts are always written from your heart - You have so much to offer us all, no matter where we are in this journey.

When things aren't going to well I always turn to the board even if I don't post I read all the posts, and I really enjoy reading your posts - you tell it how it is!

Craig my FRIEND, please know that we are all praying for you, and not just on Friday either! You are always in my thoughts and prayers!



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I love reading your posts,I told you once, you are a remarkable human being.

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Hey Craig! I've been thinking about you all week and will continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way particularly on Friday! Clearly you are an amazing human being and a real gift to the folks on this board. Thanks for all you do for so many people here!

48 huh? I dunno - you look a lot younger in the photo - either that's a really old photo or you're doing something right ;-)

Holding you in the light now and on Friday and in the days and months to follow.


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I wish you well on Friday.. you will be in my thoughts, and heart.


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Hi Craig!

You have the most beautiful posts. I have my family praying for you tomorrow, I shared your story with everyone, you really have touched everyone on this site in a special way. I have been thinking about you all day and will continue to pray for you! You are such an inspiration to all of us! We will miss seeing your posts, but look forward to future ones! I hope there is someone that will let us know how you are doing. Stay as strong as you are! You are a wonderful person! And an inspiration to all! YOU ARE A TRUE FRIEND!

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Hi Craig!

You have the most beautiful posts. I have my family praying for you tomorrow, I shared your story with everyone, you really have touched everyone on this site in a special way. I have been thinking about you all day and will continue to pray for you! You are such an inspiration to all of us! We will miss seeing your posts, but look forward to future ones! I hope there is someone that will let us know how you are doing. Stay as strong as you are! You are a wonderful person! And an inspiration to all! YOU ARE A TRUE FRIEND!

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You're going to do fine with your operation, it's not like you've never been through this before. That's so GREAT that you got out there and did the tunes for everyone, I'm sure they were moved and enjoyed it very much. It takes guts to do that. It's funny, I had a dream that involved a bar, and a lap something-or-other. Not sure if it was a guitar but one of the strings may have been in it, yes, the 3rd one!
Get your butt back here as soon as you can. I'll be thinking of you!

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Oh honey, your post was so heart felt right from the depths of your soul. You better not be talking about going to heaven any time soon! Don't be scaring us now.

So you think it's cool connecting on the boards, but I can attest how AWESOMELY COOL it is to meet in person. I have yet to make it to a Colonpalooza (was signed up for this one but need to cancel due to the allergy issues I am dealing with....though they are much better..the thought of travel right now is a no go), BUT I met my wonderful friend Bud (aka nanuk) years ago.

He was on his way to Texas for the yearly Colonpalooza and he called me and said he was heading North to see me. He traveled 600 miles out of his way to come visit me. That visit is near and dear to my heart especially since Bud is no longer with us. When I first came to the boards my hubby was working graveyard shift and the evenings were long and lonely. My kids were young (5 of them) and no one really "got it" what I was going through, especially since I wasn't doing chemo and losing my hair or puking up my guts. So to them, I never seemed "sick". (just cranky-HA!) Anyway, Bud and I connected (and SpongeBob and LisaRose and ron50--those were the days before anyone was really coming here a lot) in a big way--he lived in Alaska and I was in the Northwoods of Minnesota running sled dogs. We chatted a ton and became dear friends. So then, for him to come and visit me going waaaaay out of his way to do it was the greatest gift a human can give to another--making someone feel special and loved. There are many folks on this board who have this gift.

I'm with you Craig--we all ARE in this together and we all need each other.

You will be in my prayers and please make sure you have someone give us your update ASAP!

peace, emily ((((SEMICOLONS)))))

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I've only been on this board since last month but have found great comfort, love and support from everyone. It's a great place to share thoughts and feelings. You will be in my thoughts and prayers, you'll do fine!!! You have too many people praying and supporting you to do anything but do great. My journey just started this past April and I wish I had found this site at that time. My last chemo is next week and then will anxiously wait for my CT scan to see how it all worked out. I count on people like you to give me strength and support. Keep up the good work and looking forward to your postings in the very near future!


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Your posts have become so long I've stopped reading them. We usually agree on everything so I just read the title and nod my head. Good Luck with surgery I know you'll be fine. Di vinci is pretty good stuff. I was just kidding about your posts.

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Another great heartfelt post!

You WIN! Anyone that teases me about the length of my writings from here on out, I will send them to yours. ;)

I'm glad you had a chance to have a little fun - get out into the country and sing, or howl with the dogs, if it was that bad. (Somehow I have a feeling it was enjoyable, and not howling.) I hope you have most of your to-do list done to get everything set up ahead of time so you don't have to worry about anything during recuperation. Try and do something enjoyable and relaxing again today and tomorrow. Something special just for you - you deserve it! You've got some tough days ahead, but you are a fighter and will get through them fine. But nothing wrong with rewarding yourself a little early for taking on the challenge - and then you can do it again after you get through it all and are recovered.

You are a very special soul. You have lots of us here on this board, along with our families and friends, and your famiy and friends praying for you and sending positive vibes. Best wishes for wonderful results from this surgery, and quick recovery time.

Please appoint someone to keep us updated till your strength is back and you can do it.

You remain in my prayers.

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Oh Craig again you bring tears to my eyes. You are such a talented writer, I would sure like to hear your music! I know that we all will be missing your posts and advice in the coming days. May god be with you on your journey and we all will be praying for you for a speedy recovery, so you can tell us all about it. I have never met such a compassionate person, who cares about everyone, even me who just started posting, you made me feel right at home! Thank you for that!
Much love,

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We have not been able to know one another very well because I have not been on this forum for much of the time that you have been here.

I have read your posts and you are such a caring, giving individual.

I wish all the best for you on Friday....funny you should write that long hall....the hospital for my liver surgeries feels like miles and miles of hall before you get to the OR. It is a long lonely path but you do have a myriad of friends here supporting you and holding you up.

Best of luck Craig and Best wishes.and hugs


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I wish you the best on friday,may you recover quickly,and be back soon.I'll pray for you,and send lots of good vibes.

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my very best to you during your surgery and recovery! Will keep you in thoughts and daily prayers!
Will be looking for your awesome postings real soon - don't be gone too long - many of us count on you to keep us FIGHTING!

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Speedy recovery my freind.
Just happy to Here!!!

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Hey Craig, right back at you. Thanks again for reminding us all of this great community. I'll be thinking of you Friday, and wishing you speedy healing!

all the best, Leslie

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Good afternoon Craig,

Even at a time when things are so obviously stressed, you are making sure you have all your ducks in a row on this board. You little Sugar Booger. I believe you have instilled great morale, openness and healing here in our home of semis.

In the short time I have been on this board you have shared the laughs, cheers and tears with many on this board. The diverse views and ideas shows the empathy that is offered here at our new home. What a great place to be aside from having Cancer.LOL

Craig, we have something in common besides cancer. My horoscope is Cancer. July 10, 1966.
Dreamers go far if we follow thru!!! My arms are wrapped around you and Kim!
Make it a Great Day!

Goofyladie (Cass)

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I have to agree with everyone else...that was just so beautiful! It made my heart speed up, because i completely believe what you're saying. I believe the number one cause of our society's degradation is that no one cares for anyone else anymore. The outside world is full of strangers where no one fully connects, and if they do, it isn't for long. It's become a throw-away society where individulism and altruism is the rarity.

This board is family in the most sincerist way. We don't have to see each other eye to eye to care for each other, and that is truly something special.

I will be thinking about you constantly until i see you post again, Craig. Please do so as soon as you can, or tell Eric to let us know all is well.

May you come through your surgery spirited, pain-free, and without cancer!

Many hugs, and much love,

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That is quite a speach, made me cry actually. You are a beautiful person and have given so much to everyone. May you receive everything you have given and more in return and may your DaVinci robot surgery give you the NED you deserve! All my prayers for you. You are a truly special person.

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Paula G.
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Craig, Your post was moving. I used to sing it with Carol King. Love the song. You will do great and I can't wait for you to be back on the board. Much love and support to you, Paula

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I've been looking forward to hearing your word all week. It does not disappoint.

Know that you are in our hearts and prayers as you undertake this surgery. History is being made and CANCER IS BEING BEATEN! Healing energy and prayers coming your way from Vancouver!

All peace and every blessing... Rob; in Vancouver

"It's amazing how life can work when we are dialed into the wonderment and opportunities that comes our way and when we are OPEN to sharing and receiving..." Craig Harrison

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Craig you truly are a blessing to each and every one of us here. I am not a semi colon but my husband is. I have some of the best friendship in my life because of this board. I ask every day everyone I know to remember you in their prayers. Know that we will be with you as you go down that long hall, with you when you are falling asleep, with you when you wake up and with you while you are recovering. No we can not be there physically but we will be with you in thought, in spirit and in prayer. Your writing or posts touch my heart and I am always so moved by your words. You have blessed me with your words of encouragement and wisdom. A friend I met here told me to hold on the rope she was throwing out and she would keep a tight hold on to it to pull me through. I and others have a strong hold of the rope...grap hold and we won't let you go. Look forward to your post when you are able...You will be in my thoughts and in my prayers always. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me and to others here. We love you and this board truly brings a closeness that few will ever experience.
Hugs from another Texan

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Craig, my sweet friend, I can actually feel your hug and it warms my heart.

I'll be praying extra special prayers for you the next week and will be looking forward to seeing you back here very, very soon. You are an inspiration to me and others. You will be missed.

Big, Big, Big Southern Hug,

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Maybe you could get the nurses to write SEMI-COLONS ROCK on your hospital gown.

Remember the trick to wear a second gown like a coat so you don't moon everyone on your walks around the halls with your IV!!! You know they will have you up and walking pretty quickly.

Let us hear from you or have someone post how you are doing. You know we will be wondering!!!

Get well soon so you can have another one nighter!!!

Lisa P.

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Craig - you are in my thoughts and Prayers for a speedy recovery. You are an inspiration to everyone on this board. I am only a caregiver, so I don't know how you feel, but when I log on and I see one of your posts I feel better about what my husband is going through. You help so many people daily. God Bless you and please go into this surgery with a strong will to live and your Faith. Margaret

Fight for my love
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Hi my dear brother,you made me tearful again.I am a poor lady,don't always make me cry.:)

Craig,you are my big brother,you know me,you know my family in China.I hope one day if you would like to,you can travel with me back to China to see my family.My younger brother speaks good English,he can take you hang around the city and sightseeing places,and we can sing karaoke together.

I have been praying for you for many days and I hope everything will go very well with the surgery.Life's detours are never easy,but hang in there,your efforts will surely lead you to success.You know,when the surgery is done,tumors are gone,this is always good,this is the step you got to take for being NED.

Again you are in my prayers and I hope you will have a speedy recovery and everything will be fine.Take care.Hugsss.(If it is possible,please let anyone who may have access to the board give us updates)

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Hi, Craig.

You must have read my mind! I was so hoping you'd have time to do a post before your long trip down the hall. And here you have done it again. You touch my heart every time you post here.

I will be praying HARD for you, and I will be so absolutely happy when we get the post that you have made it through the surgery okay and are improving. I have a Bible study group tomorrow night, and I will put you on the prayer list there, as well.

When you go into surgery on Friday, you know that we will all be with you in spirit. You are a part of us now.

I have to tell you, I was holding my breath when I read your list of friends. I SO wanted to be on that list!!! I'm honored to see that you listed me. *smiles*

Can't wait to hear the good word!


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Hi Craig, Keep Thinking Positive Thoughts and we will talk again soon! Look forward to your return to the board. Take care, rest and follow the doctor's orders. You are very special to us!

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You have such a way with words. I hope to someday be as eloquent as you have been. Just know people across the nation have your back. We all will be praying for a succesful operation and speedy recovery. Keep up the positive attitude and you will sail through this with no problems. You are right about people on the message boards, such a truly caring and compassionate group we are, funny we all had to get cancer to be fortunate enough to connect with each other. I will be praying and thinking about you on Friday during my chemo. Stay strong bro.


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Thank you for your beautiful words. You have a gift with words and we are so blessed to have you share them with us.

We will all be holding you in the light in the days to come.

We look forward to having you back with us.


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Love you guy
having a hard time reading your post
thinking in terms of this surgery on you
you are in my thoughts and prayers

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Craig, may God bless you & keep you safe as you go through the surgery. We will all be praying for you!


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Nana b
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Relax and let the miracles work. We will be here waiting for you.............

Big hug!

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Dear One,
I can't come near to the eloquence you have in expressing yourself, just hope I can express how much I care for you and all of our family on this board. It's obvious that many of us going thru this journey don't have quite the same amount of close friends we did before the big C. This disease can make us feel very lonely even when in a room full of people. Isn't it wonderful that we can come here and feel so comfortable and intimate with people we have never met. I mean how many people are close enough to tell "pooh" stories? ha I feel so blessed to call you my friend. You have inspired so many of us and I appreciate your selfless and caring ways.

I want you to know that I have asked my family to pray for you. I was at a doctors appointment and saw the most beautiful picture of a surgeon in the operating room during surgery and at his side was a depiction of Jesus guiding his hands. That was a beautiful thought for me. I hope you feel the presence of the Lord carrying you thru this surgery and recovery..

We will miss you soooo much, you come back to us as soon as you can. Make sure you take care of yourself and rest. If we all lived close I know the hospital waiting room would be full. Know that we are there in spirit.

God Bless you friend,

Debbie (gramma)

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Dear One,
I can't come near to the eloquence you have in expressing yourself, just hope I can express how much I care for you and all of our family on this board. It's obvious that many of us going thru this journey don't have quite the same amount of close friends we did before the big C. This disease can make us feel very lonely even when in a room full of people. Isn't it wonderful that we can come here and feel so comfortable and intimate with people we have never met. I mean how many people are close enough to tell "pooh" stories? ha I feel so blessed to call you my friend. You have inspired so many of us and I appreciate your selfless and caring ways.

I want you to know that I have asked my family to pray for you. I was at a doctors appointment and saw the most beautiful picture of a surgeon in the operating room during surgery and at his side was a depiction of Jesus guiding his hands. That was a beautiful thought for me. I hope you feel the presence of the Lord carrying you thru this surgery and recovery..

We will miss you soooo much, you come back to us as soon as you can. Make sure you take care of yourself and rest. If we all lived close I know the hospital waiting room would be full. Know that we are there in spirit.

God Bless you friend,

Debbie (gramma)

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You are awesome Craig, a thriver not just a survivor

You will be around a LONG time as you have a job here on earth to do..........being an inspiration to those around you.

Hopefully you will recieve as much from others (or more) than you give.

I am a Christian and will pray that all goes just fine on Friday for you.Watch for angels masquerading as nurses.

Why not print out the posts to you from us, take them with you to the hospital, take a recording of the song(s) for your IPod or whatever electronics you take with you.....

Peace to you

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Craig, i feel honored to be considered a friend, cancer tends to isolate us, I really value you, So be Strong and come back to us in a few days, we will be hanging on. I pray you are sucessful.
Take Care,
big group hug,love you

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Ok My Darling, THANKS for giving me my first good cry of the day!
What a beautiful, heartfelt post. But then again, ALL of your communication on this board is so.

I pray for your surgery and recovery. I pray that God and the powers that be put their collecrtive loving and healing arms around you,,you so deserve ONLY the best outcomes Craig.

Looking forward to hearing from you when you get back on track

((HUGS)) Peggy

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craig what a beautiful post. you mean so much to all of us as you can tell from the response. i will be thinking of you friday.best wishes tammy

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...I said I wasn't going to cry, no, I'm not gonna cry, stop, here I go!!!! I am in tears here! You have such a wonderful way with words that just hits the soul, and boy, am I going to miss you here, but you are out to get better, and that's a good thing!!

I am half-italian, and that DaVinci Robot sounds Italian, no? so we're pretty good people! that robot will take good care of you, I happen to know being from New York, and growing up in the Italian/Irish neighborhoods, we know how to take good care of people, we work well with our hands, (ahem! get your minds out of the gutter) we mean healing!!

I so know how lonely this disease can be. I used to have alot of friends, now, no one calls, or even comes visits, or invites me anywhere anymore, just my friend Amy who lives in Virginia, and oh yeah! my home health nurse who's son goes to school with my daughter, I always make her a fresh pot of hot coffee for her visits, she loves my coffee. But, when I came to this board, and felt so much love and support here, I immediately felt better, and knew I had friends here, just like you coming here, I was so thrilled seeing this wonderful man posting so eloquently and has such a great wit about him, it was sooo awesome, you really are helpful, and that's when I had to reach out to you, you really touched me, and I really love you for that.

Yes, I admit, I have come attached to this board and the help it has given me in dealing with my illness, I'm so glad you went out that night to karaoke and sang your heart away! I would love to hear you sing! you need to make some MP3's of you, and put it on a page somewhere.

We are all here for you always, and will be awaiting your return as quickly as possible, I know how history making this is, and you should be proud of yourself, doing this for others, now just remember, picture everyone of us holding hands across the states, singing out loud, "You Got A Friend" out loud!! think of it before they put you in that beauty sleep, and when you wake up, it will still be in your head :)

Hugssss, Kissssessss and Loveeeeeee,


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Hi Craig,

Wow- you just posted yesterday and already have 42 posts prior to mine here. Sorry I missed it yesterday. Anyhow... I KNOW you will be fine!! So far as the comment on going to heaven- I understand your thoughts- I went through the same feelings when I had my liver surgery- I felt at peace if "it" were to happen. But, of course, it didn't and I'm still kicking away, and I know you definitely will make through with flying colors and be back on here soon to tell us all about it! You'll be just fine & will hopefully have an easier recovery than some might have since they're using that ol' Da Vinci robot on you. You are so positive and always an inspiration to everyone on the board (hence why you have so many hits/replies on your thread :)
I thank you for including me as one of your friends- as you are mine.

Do take care and know that heaven is going to be stormed with prayers for you!


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I'm so moved by everyone's generosity and spirit in replying to this post - I cherish these responses and will be thinking about them tonight, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life.

I was at the hospital today doing a pre-check in and testing, bloodwork, paperwork, blah blah and an opportunity arose that ties in directly with the words and the message of this post - I wanted to share this last thing with you.

As were leaving, I was in the men's room and a man came in there. He said, "Is anyone here, anyone here?" And I said, "Yes, I am." He said, "I'm blind and need some help."

So, immediately I walked over to him and told him to put his hands on my shoulder and hold on, and I would take him to the urinal. He thought I was going to leave him, but I told him I would stay there with him and get him back to his wife.

So, I got him over to the sink and got his hands washed. While he was there, he asked me my name and I told him - he said his son in law's name was Craig too...I told him I had Cancer and was having lung surgery the next day. He paused and said, we will have prayer.

We dried his hands and we walked to the trash and helped him throw those away. Then he held onto me as I took him outside to his wonderful wife, who was waiting. He introduced me to his wife and told her my story and a prayer was said to me from this wonderful man and his wife, whom I had just met, but felt compelled to help...I thought what if I were blind and needed help?

Carletta told me one time that "prayers go up and blessing come down." Was it by chance that I was in there to help this guy? Don't know but it was an honor to be there for my fellow man.

And so it ties in to the post I wrote - I paid it forward, one person helping another - and guess what? It cost me "nothing." Just a few minutes of my time to "INVEST" in another fellow human being, to help make a part of his day a little bit better."

So, there you go, things happen for a reason, and I've been blessed by all of you.

I'm ready to go and fight now - and I "feel" all of you around me now circling the wagon and helping me through this...I'll think of you tonight and feel the warmth of each of you from your hearts to mine.

We'll be in touch, I guarantee it!


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... a sign of things to come!! how generous of you to help this man, and what perfect timing! you sound very good and confident, and my faith is with you, I always help the sickly as well, manners goes a long way, I also find myself when I see someone off worse then me "What if that were me?"

I cherish my life here, and cherish the life of everyone here, you have a whole board of people rooting for you, and you will do great! I can't wait to hear about you and my Italian friend, DaVinci :)

Hang Tough my Lion!
Hugglessss and Snugglessss

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Hi Craig,

Although we haven't talked before, I want you to know I'll be thinking of you before, during & after surgery. I will look forward to "hearing all about it".

I also want to say that your story about the man who is blind is a reminder of how good it feels to help someone, even though we have cancer. Sometimes this disease makes us feel helpless, or like we are always the ones needing help. I have been thinking about this lately, & I want to continue to try to help, even if sometimes it is in small ways - being patient, holding doors for strangers, helping my daughter with her homework etc. It makes me feel good as well as someone else - does it get better than that?

Good luck on Friday! And good job helping the man in the washroom! Glad to hear you helped him wash his hands too!

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I guess I will be echoing everyone here - but that was beautiful! I have been hanging around here since November/December of last year, just have been sort of in and out of the loop for a bit lately, I stop by and read, check up on people - especially "Chicky," and sometimes answer posts. I have read many of yours and you are such a beautiful writer, and I think all of us feel that way about the world and each other, and no one could have said it better.

You've Got a Friend is a wonderful song, I remember singing it on stage with my mother when I was little (and now THAT was howling!) I've gotten to know you quite a bit through your posts, what a great guy! And you even like the old country music (my favorite but don't tell anyone)!

As Donna said - Davincci is a great Italian name - and we Italians are known for some great things - so, when you are done I hope you will have someone let all know here how you are, and come back as soon as you can - we will be waiting for your words to grace the pages!

oh - HEY DONNA - If I had your number I wouldn't stop calling you - and you are more than welcome to make a trip here to the tundra and we'll do lunch! Yes - I know the feeling of people not calling or inviting anymore, because they don't know what to say. I'd like to start with - how ya doin - wanna beer?

Best wishes Craig - everyone's prayers are with you....see ya soon.


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I would gladly PM my number so we can chat, I have even talked with Beth, and it's so much fun to finally be on the phone with someone, when it's usually my kids friends that call! I wonder what happened to all those friends who were supposed to stand by you, guess I spooked them with my bad news! This is why I told my hubby when I die, I want to be cremated, no memorializations, I don't want my kids or anyone seeing me dead or in a casket, I don't want them to remember me like that, and spread me over the ocean!!

I am FREEZING HERE IN OHIO!!! It seems winter is here, and the fall has gone already, too darn cold!!

I'd love to do lunch, have been in Minnesota a couple years ago, to see an aunt, was a nice town! and cold! spent Thanksgiving there, and really enjoyed it, next time I come out there, will definitely look you up! but so glad to have you met you on these boards, I love when you post, your cockiness and wit just shine right through, and makes me laugh! I can imagine how ya'd be on the phone! I think we'd have a great time!


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Think of us while you're in the hospital and know you are not alone...
lots of thoughts and prayers are with you and we will all be waiting
for your return and your posts. Praying for a speedy recovery and
can't wait until you're back with us! Take care

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Craig... Some things in life are ment to happen. You meeting that man was ment to be. Maybe he was sent from the big guy up above. I tend to think that he was sent to you. I see in your post that you DID see the sign and you being the man you are was able to see it. You'll be okay now. I know this for sure.

Sometimes signs are easy to see if you only look

From your other brother in California


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