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5 years NED for this stage IV survivor............cancer free/cured?

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I recently had my semi-annual testing and everything looked great. My oncologist was pretty animated (very rare for him) with trying to figure out what and when to test with me going forward since I am in non-surgical remission.

It seemed to freak him out that he can't "explain" my NEDness which strikes me as strange. You would think that after 30 plus years in GI oncology that he would have seen enough things that he can't explain that he would just admit that there are things out there that docs can't explain (DUH!!!). He came across as uncomfortable until I said I'd like to some back a year from now for testing so we agreed to that.

I was disappointed I didn't get to hear him say the word CURED but he just wouldn't do it. He did say cancer free so I will take that until the day I force him to say I am cured!!!

My emotions are all over the place as I remember some dear friends I have lost to this monster and watch so many others fighting for their lives. I will take them all with me to Key West in a few weeks to celebrate live and lives @ ColonPalooza 7!!!

For you newbies out there, I was given 2-3 years to live in March 2004 with mets to my liver and left lung. Surgery was not an option so I did chemo for 8 months but stopped it once I felt it was attacking my spirit and soul. I did lots of alternative things and my situation just got better and better over the last few years. I do pinch myself to make sure I really am still alive.

Don't stop believing and as fedester says never give up!!!!

Ironically while we are in Key West, I will celebrate the 5th anniversary of my last chemo treatment!!!! We will send cyber toasts to you all!!!


Lisa P.

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Keep me posted on how y'all are doing!!!

I'm not on here as much as I used to be. I am taking an on line chocolate class (seriously) and adding that to my usual schedule takes away from computer time.

Much love back at you both!!!

Fight for my love
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Hi dear Lisa,this is so cool!I am always extremely happy to hear stories about long term survivors.Congratulations!Enjoy being NED and enjoy everyday!

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I hope this thread brings out some of the others that inspired me!!!!

Stacy and Foxy come to mind first!!!

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You are one of the lucky ones. My husband is stage four colon cancer that spred to his liver.
He is reluctant to do chemo. What alternative treatment did you do.
Would appreciate any advise you have.

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I am delighted to read your post. Congratulations on such a wonderful outcome. Whatever treatment choices people make in their cancer battles, eating healthful foods and taking extra time to exercise, relax and seek inspiration can complement their healing plans.


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I look forward to seeing docs acknowledge how much some of the easy little things we all can do can help us save our own lives.

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But I also researched a great deal, calculated when the best time to stop chemo was, and then worked very hard on my keeping my blood levels up and my urine alkaline (hours a day every day for months and months).

You can read more about what I did on my personal web page here. If you still want to know more, just drop me a personal email here.

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You have truly been an inspiration to us. When reading the stats on the internet the day my husband was dx'd things seemed impossible and I found this site...it has given us hope for tomorrow. Thanks to you all ;)

Enjoy Key West

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Go celebrate and enjoy life to the fullest!

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Hi Scouty,

Congratulations on your CURE.

I was diagnosed Stage IV last year with a liver met that was surgically treated, then Folfox for 6 months. Unfortunately it's back in my liver again. So, probably more surgery in my future.

I would love to hear what sort of alternative things you did that might have helped you beat this. What chemo did you get?

Enjoy Key West! Hope to hear from you.


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That's great news, Lisa. Well done!


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I had the honor of meeting "scouty"...(Lisa)....back in 2003 through this site. She is one of the "staples" here who I regard as a very close friend. Yes, we have locked horns at times, mainly because we're cut from the same cloth! But when it's all said and done, she's like one of my sisters. We are forever united with our cancer diagnoses, and now are forever united with our CURED status. You have educated, inspired and intrigued SOOOOOOOO many on here. You have given back to this community without hesitation.

So on this joyous day, I raise my glass of COORS LIGHT (no carrot kelp...throw caution to the wind!) to you my friend....may you live to enjoy many more sunrises and sunsets and may you always have the comfort of knowing we all love you!!!!!!!!!



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That's what you are!! I was so happy to see your post tonight. Wonderful, wonderful news for a wonderful, wonderful person. I will never forget how helpful you were to me and my family when my mom was diagnosed. Celebrate and enjoy your time in Key West.
Love to you-

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What great news!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!

I am so happy for you that you reached this milestone.

Have a great time in Key West, have a drink for me. I will have one for you in MA.

My docs have also not used the words cured and I am 6 years out from my stage 3 diagnosis.

You have been such an inspiration to me and others on this board.


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It is wonderful to hear your great news!!! You have been a life saver for many of us. Thank you for all you have done ...Have a great time in Key West!!

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Bravo Lisa, what an inspiration your story is. I've read your story and wonder if you would post your specific alt med program for us? Also, I have problems digesting ( the dreaded runs) raw veggies........did you have that problem w/ juicing? If so what did you do?

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this is the posting I told you about

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Since a lot of us were beginning to feel depressed, thank you Fb489 for finding these postings and bringing them to the forefront for us to read and to uplift us.
Thank you.

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I am a new member with stage IV cancer and I really needed to hear your great news. There is so much sadness and devastation with this disease and it helps everyone to hear when someone is "cured" and you are. Thank you for sharing...you are an inspiration.

Enjoy your beautiful life!!!



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CONGRADULATIONS, your story made me cry in joy! Thank you for sharing, as you give us all hope. It seems there has been lots of sadness lately and we all needed to hear your story. Thank you so much! Jean

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Just awesome news...
Congrats and thanks for all your uplifting help and comments

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I read this and didn't realize it was an old post from 2009 until Lisa mentioned Colon Palooza 7 and I thought "hey, I thought colonpalooza 8 is coming up", then I looked at the date. This is great to read, though!

Lisa P., if you're reading this, know that you are an inspiration! I always forget that you were stage IV. It' been about a year, did you ever go for that follow up w/ your onc & if so, what did he say?

I understand why oncs are always hesitant to say "cured", but wow- 10 years! I would think that'd be considered cured! What is the time difference between when something is a recurrence and when it would be considered a new cancer just due to the amount of time that has elapsed since being deemed "cancer free"? Anyone?

Lisa 42 (who's now 44, lol!)

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Whomever dug up this old post, thank you so much! Lisa's story is exactly what i needed to hear right now. Especially since i've opted out of chemo. I'm so devastated by all the losses this month, particularly Kimby since our histories were so similar, and her passing was such an unexpected surprise. We can't know which outcome we'll have when fighting this disease, and i often wonder why i think i'll come out on the winning side when the odds are not that good. Just the fact that it's possible to survive because we've seen those who have keeps me holding on to the notion that i WILL be one of them. We need to hear more stories like Lisa's, so i will start a discussion asking for them.

Love you guys!

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This marks my 5th year as a stage 4. I read Lisa's post and remembered that she had her 5 year anniversary last year, and then noticed the date. Just wanted all of you to know that I am 5 years cancer free also. My onc is flirting with the "cured" word but hasn't said it yet. Any of you thinking of CP8, please try to come, it is so much fun and not morose at all. We do take time to talk and remember, but mostly just have a good time together celebrating the fact that we are still alive. I've experienced so many things in the 5 years that I've been given, and I'm looking forward to whatever is in store for me, knowing I could be run over by a truck tomorrow. The way I drive, it wouldn't be too surprising.
Jo Ann

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I have met amazing people at the Colonpaloozas....looking forward to meeting more this year!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I too am a stage IV going on 3 years, but with 2 recurrences. I hope that one day I will make 5 yrs NED like you. What alternative things did you do?

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Not much of any for me. I exercise as I did before and eat a semi-healthy diet for my semi-colon. I've been NED since '05 and count this site as a life saver. Love all of you and pray for you very often. Jo Ann

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You go girl! You did it. Congratulations!


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Right, Scouty?

To the original dancer from the one inspired!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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very happy for you.
May more people be lucky like you.

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FB489- I'm so glad you found this post of Lisa's (Scouty) and commented on it- it is a year and a half, almost 2 years, old, so that means that Scouty has now been cancer free for 6-1/2, close to 7 years!!
This so does give me hope- she was stage IV with nodules in her lungs and liver- and now she's cancer free!
I think I'm going to send Scouty a PM!


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Thank you very much Fb489! This post gives me hope...

Scouty, you are truly my inspiration and reading your post and history always give me hope! Thank you very much for being here for all of us.

Love Dora

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Seriously Congrats to you!

Don't look back, and leave cancer behind you! Statistics are in your favor!

Best Always, mike

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Scouty, you were the 1rst person I friended on this board. You sent a note in response to my post and I then read your profile. I was very impressed by your journey and wanted to have you as a friend as was just starting mine. I am so happy to see your victory over this beast. lately it has been sad for me to read about so much pain here. I have my last post-op chemo treatment on Monday and want so much to follow in your footsteps to recovery.
I also want to get your address so I can hide in a tree the next time your doing the naked happy dance in your front yard HAHAHA !!!!
Have a blast in key west!! Cheers!!

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Thanks for sharing your story. It really feels good to hear such a positive outcome, you give me hope!


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Kenny H.
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Congrats & great news...
Its posts like this I love to read & gives us all inspration!

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Research has shown that using a dog for companionship and comfort can lead to a longer, healthier life.


I have a tshirt that says that.

Just read your post and saw your profile pic with the dog and couldn't resist making the comment.

You give us all hope.



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