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Why is it that every evening I start feeling like crap

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Every evening at around 5pm or so I start to feel run down... I feel cold, my body starts aching and just generally start feeling like crap. I seem to do better during the morning and day time hours. I wonder if I'm just tired. Does anybody else seem to have times of the day that they feel worse?

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...It's pretty much the same with me, I do so much during the day cleaning or cooking or shopping that by the time 4 or 5 hits, I'm ready to just lay down and rest, not sleep or anything, but I do get to where the fatigue hits about that time as well, and I need to just relax and watch TV or read for a couple hours, but then by 8 p.m. I'm fine to go do laundry or dishes again...kind of comes in spurts!


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I think after being awake a certain amount of time, considering we do not get much sleep,or at least I can't sleep much, our batteries burn out earlier than before this so we need to rest and recharge ourselves.Even tho I'm still not that active-spend most of time in bed, walk around apartment during day-got 20 solid minutes Sunday-my energy level is much lower than before, much lower as I rearely tired. We have to compensate by pacing ourselves aND resting up (or recharging ourselves) as needed.Hopefully this won't last forever--I'm at five weeks after surgery. Steve

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because at 19 months out of treatment, if I do too much or get over tired, I get cold and have body aches. And it's the kind of cold that putting on extra clothes doesn't always help.

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4 months out of treatment and I get tired in the afternoon, no chills or anything. Also depends on what I do that morning. If I do a lot of office work (computer work) for my husband I am more "brain dead".

I wonder how long it will last?


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With everything your body is fighting, it is only natural to start to lose steam as the day wears on. Take the time to rest, listen to your body.

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Hi Just 4:

Evenings are and have been the worst time of day for me for a long time now. I have this almost everyday during the workweek. The weekends are not so bad because I can get extra rest when I need it. I have all the symptoms you listed above. Sometimes when I'm feeling cold I'll take my temp and it will be up a bit, like 100.4 or 99.9. Have you taken your temp when you feel cold? It's not necessarily a fever because the body's temp rises in the evening. I usually take a motrin if it's up or sometimes I don't take anything. Just thought I would mention that. Sometimes I just need to lie down for awhile to re-charge. Hope you get to feeling better. Roy

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