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maryellen is finished treatment...-thank you ladies for your wisdom and guidance

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linda's description of internal radiation is right on the button....

so today i am finished this cancer journey...i will see radiology doc in 30 days cause he asked if i would come in for a check up...most ladies refuse,,,i decided i will go

then see the surgeon in dec and every 3 months for 2 years ....

i have changed alot over the past 5 months ....i was fortunate not to need chemo...cause nodes were not invaded..

my first surgery hysterectomy took 2 weeks to recover from ..the second surgery lymph nodes 27 removed was harder on my body and took 8 weeks to be painfree

i have no pain at all...no adhesions...no swelling...

thanks for talking me thru my cancer journey...ladies u made it so much easier to bear

i will pray for all of you...

stage 1c endometrial cancer with lymphvasucular invasion and tumor 75 % in wall of uterus no lymph nodes effected

complete hysterectomy 6/24/09 lymphnode biosied 8/6/09 27 nodes removed -all clear
3 internal radiations to the vaginal cuff as insurance that cancer will not return

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That's wonderful news!

I'm also Stage 1C but was told no radiation or chemo. At first I was told Grade 3 then downgraded to Grade 2 after surgery and staging. Going for a second opinion and hope to hear the same news as you tomorrow.

What Grade cell where you?

God Bless,

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was dissolving and could not be graded so called 3

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Aloha Marilyn,
hope all goes well with you; you're finished with one leg of the journey; now begins another..surveillance; living three months at a time gets a little easier all the time, but don't be surprised if you have some anxiety just before your check ups; it's fairly common; good luck...enjoy yourself Marie

UPSC Stage 1A, Grade 3; 8 cycles of Carbo/Taxol, no radiation; no tumor, just a lesion in the uterus approx 1.5 x 1 cm; no invasion of myometrium; 33 lymph nodes negative; negative abdominal washings

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