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Starting over

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I am going in for a Liver biopsy today to see what is going on in the same spot where my liver resection removed the lesion in July. My PET scan done 2 1/2 months post op showed uptake their at the same liver site and apparently a lymph node was showing some uptake during the PET.

Going to also go back to MAYO clinic and get a thorough Oncology review and yhen talk to surgery about options as well. Eventually a plan will gel. I cope better when I have a plan. Waiting stinks. Gotta keep moving forward or I will just be standing still.

Update you all when I know more.

Mike Bell

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....that stinks Mike, about starting over, and I know what you mean about not having a plan, I don't even know what happens to me after my 12th round of chemo.

I just hope everything will turn out right, and hopefully that biopsy will turn out to be nothing! Good Luck at Mayo, you'll be in my prayers, and thoughts and hopefully the oncs will come up with one heck of a great plan for you~


Fight for my love
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Hi Mike,good luck to you with everything,hope the biopsy is benign.Take care.

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Hope all turns out well for you!


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First, I LOVE your picture!!! Just wanted to let you know I'm sending prayers your way!


butterfly23's picture
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First, I LOVE your picture!!! Just wanted to let you know I'm sending prayers your way!


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I know that with a plan you know what you will be facing and then can move forward. I wish you well with your upcoming tests and appointments.


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Im very sorry about the bad deal...Its just another bump in the road that will work itself out. Keep hold of the rope , it will get you through.........Good Luck to you friend, Clift

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Planning gives us some control so that is a good thing; otherwise
we feel like we are out there blowin' in the wind......so sorry you
are having these problems, hang on to hope and positive thoughts,
and I will be keeping you in my thoughts.


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I have never let go of that rope since the day you handed it to me.

Thanks friend


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i'm sorry to hear this.
You will be in my prayers.
Good luck on your new journey.
Jusy happy to be here!!!

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Keep moving forward is right, make it a great day! That is one of our choices. I am so sorry you are having to go thru more. But you are doing exactly as you need to, making sure things gel. If something doesn't gel, you ask and ask and reask again. Thank gosh for choices, just like a smorgasbord; we may not like everything they offer but we are free to choose anything on the table. Make life happy, move forward get over the being angry so you can make time for the good stuff. Lots of thoughts, hope and prayers your way.
Make it a Great Day!!
Goofyladie (Cass)

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So sorry to hear that you have to go through this again. Dick has been just a month or so behind you on this journey and he is starting chemo again soon. I know the sinking feeling and then the hope when there is a plan. You are moving in the right direction.
Keep us posted, we care about you.


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Hey Mike

I know what you mean - I went back to my surgical onc and went back over things to make sure we all were on the same page, so I could get the feeling I needed to do this surgery.

Best of luck and just stay with it!


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Joined: Nov 2008

Thanks for all the positive feedback, A plan is forming and I will attack it with renewed vigor.

I am strong and have great support at home and here with all of you. Bless you all


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