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Romance - What do you do?

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Since so many of us women have issue with romance and intimancy pre and post treatments, I thought it would be a good idea to pass along what has helped to keep the romance going?

Here is what we have done:

a) Sexy teddies
b) White muscle t-shirt only
c) Watching movies
d) Bath with bubbles and candles
e) Beach atmoshpere - balcony area :)
f) Romantic get-a-ways - started in 2007 and have continued - BEST IDEA
g) Waiting for long periods than letting emotions and feelings take over - REALLY good sex :)
h) Lubricants

What is funny, sex is not high on my list, but my hubby could have it every day, twice a day. We are totally opposite, but he completely UNDERSTANDS!!!!!

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Right now, to be honest, that is the last thing on my mind. I have pain from surgery, an ostomy, and pain if we try. Although my husband is understanding, I feel bad for him.

I do agree that there is more to intimacy than making love and I totally agree with your ideas above, they are all wonderful suggestions.

I'm sure once my chemo is done and I have my energy things will change.


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A few suggestions:
a)Swinging from chandeliers
b)Strobe lights
c)Stripper pole
d)Video cam
e)Monkey suit

Eric } : . }

Julie 44
Posts: 479
Joined: Oct 2008

OMG Eric you are to funny........No monkey suit everything else sounds good...............JULIE

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I think a hamburger and a good bowl of beans would be a lot less trouble........ :)

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Joined: Mar 2009

what a sense of humor you have,, made me laugh out loud....

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Where to start with you, you naughty boy! You're a mess, but you always make us laugh.


tiny one
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Now that I'd like to see, someone swingin from a chandelier. For me it would be nakedness on a tractor, nothin but a tool belt on. And man cookin in the kitchen. Gets my blood goin.

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krystle singer
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Love the stripper pole one! Not sure how I'd do at climbing one, but do have a picture of me posing on a pole at my girl friend's swimming pool. Not too bad! But then, I'm a real ham anyway. My husband liked the picture even if no one else did. It was just one of the poles on her gazebo, but one must make good use of what one can find!

Cute, Eric!

Hugs, Sandi

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Sex is far from what I'm looking forward to right now. The one time since my surgery that we tried, I bled for a couple of hours. Avastin, thanks a lot. But I understand my husband's needs and he's tense enough with work and taking care of me on my chemo weeks, so I "take care" of him. This may not be what some of you want to hear, but I feel like he takes care of me so well, that I really want to reciprocate. You notice I said "want to" this isn't mandatory and I always initiate the process. I don't even want to think about "doing the deed" myself, but I don't want him to "suffer" because of me.

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...the monkey suit sounds sorta interesting LOL...


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