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HELP;Finding an Appetite for mother.

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My mother has no appetite; It's from the treatment?; &*She's not eatingggg, She would take a few bites of something; but than thats all. Shes been trying the [GMC] drinks she's been forcing those down; Only just recently to end up throwing up for the first time probably because of how the milk might of upsetted her empty stomache? I don't know so she hasn't went back to it, probably afraid to end up throwing up again.

Anyways, I want to know of anyway to get her appetite back on track, any shakes;drinks that can be made in a blender;juicer? at home PERIOD! any soups or light meals for her that can get her energy back &*to put a little weight on her. I really would appreciate everyones, advice/input. thank you, <3

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and ask for nutritional advice.
You won't be able to force her to eat or drink, so back off and adopt a pleasant, encouraging attitude about her intake and let her be responsible for herself.

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Hi tishaaa,

My dad just recently got diagnosed with pancreatic/bile duct cancer and he is 86 yrs old. He was loosing weight like crazy and would eat literally only 2-3 bites of food at a sitting and would complain that he was not hungry. He was so weak and frail!

I did some research and found that there is a prescription medication called MEGACE that helps improve appetites. I asked my dad's Oncologist and he wrote out a prescription for it and we got it filled. It's been 3 weeks and I can tell the difference already! Dad has been eating much more and actually snacks now! I don't know why the docs don't recommend it or even suggest it...but I am very thankful that I found it and that he is on it!

From what my dad says, it tastes horrible but it WORKS! It comes in a liquid form.

Good luck!

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Compazine is an anti-nausea med, but also has serious allergic reactions in some (me included).

Have you thought of cannabis? The "munchies" effect is no lie.

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Hi Tishaaa, Thinking of you as I read this thread and hoping that treatments are going fine. I wanted to let you know that I suffered terribly loss of appetite when I went through cancer treatments. I started a blog that I hope can be a resource for you and other cancer fighters, and I did a recent post on loss of appetite while going through chemotherapy (http://blog.cincovidas.com/i-have-no-appetite-on-chemo-tips-to-help-keep-the-calories-up. You can also check out the Stanford Cancer Center’s website (http://cancer.stanford.edu/information/nutritionAndCancer/during/highCalDrink.html) for high calorie drinks that may be a little easier for your mother to swallow and digest. I hope that this helps you and your mother. Please keep me posted. Love, strength and survival, Britta

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