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lotions for skin burns

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My husband starts his first of 35 radiation treatments today...should he be putting lotion on before he gets any kinds of burns on his neck or only after any irritation occurs?

What lotions/medications have you been prescribed for the radiation burns?


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The techs where your husband receives his radiation can probably suggest a particular lotion and the best time to apply it. I used Aquafor after every zap. I was cautioned not to apply it immediately prior to treatment. Worked really well...no burns. My best to you and your husband. Rich

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We were told to use pure aloe only. It is best to do it immediatly after the treatment and make sure the area is clean and dry before treatment. Some ingredients can cause severe reactions and the radiation is bad enough.

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My Rad Oncol suggested it and I had also talked to other Rad patients that had used it. I used it AFTER treatments religously and never had more than a mild sunburn effect.

Sounds crazy perhaps, but it really worked for many of us. And no, I don't sell it or have stock in anyone who does. JK

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When the treated area got really bad we started using Biafine which we got from the radiation dept...it worked wonders on clearing up the 'bad' area after we finished (even though it said apply 2x daily I did it 3-4x daily!) and after it cleared up we went back to the pure aloe jelly, which he says soothes the area. He still has some major skin damage on the side where the good tissue was...don't know if there's anything to clear that up???

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I am using Jean's Cream which is about 80% aloe plus some vitamins. I have finished 19 treatments out of 30 for a Paratid tumor. I am getting some reddness on my neck but not on my face. I started using it from day 1. I apply immediately after a treatment and again before going to bed. I wash any residual cream off before going to get a treatment. I do not have any discomfort from the burn as of this time. I am sure there are other aloe products out there that will work as well. I was warned not to use any aloe product that has any alcohol in it. My doctor also reccommended Aquaphor as an alternative to aloe but I found it very greasey.

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I used alervero gel I bought from Amazon, brand Earths Daughter. I also had 35 treatments, and it prevented burns... Applied within 20 minutes of each treatment, after..

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My wife used Aquaphor and neosporin, then she wrapped my necks with saran wrap, I know that sounds wierd but I received good second degree burns almost third degree from the radiation. This was after treatment not during. Worked like a charm my necks is still as soft as a babies bottom. As others have said I recieved twice daily radaition so I was unable to put on any lotion between treatments. I am 7 years out Wishes & prayers


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My husband started applying the lotions the first week of Rads.  The Dr. gives one for day time and another for night time  (Aquaphor).  Do not apply right before treatment though...I think the neck is supposed to be free of any lotions for 3 hours before treatment.  We have also used Oley Reginerist as another H&N patient recommended it, but mostly we use what the dr. said to use.  My husband has had 24 of 35 rads and it's not been an easy road. 

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I used Aquaphor during the treatments. I applied it after each treatment once I started to see some burning effects. That was about two weeks in. I did 35 radiation treatments like most with six chemo treatments. The last week of radiation and now, 1 and1)2 weeks out, I am using a 1 percent silver sulfadiazine cream that my radiation oncologist prescribed for me. It is very soothing and pulls the burn out quickly. Instructions were to apply twice daily and like most, I used it more often than that. I feel like I have reduced the effects and am healing quickly. There are no burns now but still a little heat. I still use the cream. Good luck. Stay tough. Dan

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