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met with surgeon

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Things seem to be moving in the right direction. He was pleased with my results from chemo. He no longer feels as though a liver resection is a top priority. I get four week off from chemo. I will have another PET/CT and he recommends have the three places in my liver ablated. He said the tumors in my lung showed very little activity and he wouldn't feel comfortable doing surgery at this point. He feels that a few more rounds of chemo might finish them off. Or if they progress between now and time for liver ablation he may ablate one or two of them. Now to the two tumors in the portal caval cavity. He did say those would be tricky, but he said the were less active than the previous scan. He feels that they may not be cancer but left over infection from the infections I had for months. When I have my tumors ablated he said he would stick a scope in to see what is going on. If they are cancer he said he would be able to remove them but the surgery would be significant. He will have to map which segments of the liver correspond to those nodes and remove the entire liver segment. He said that will be another surgery for another time.
the x factor is going to be the clinical trial I have between now and my next meeting with the radiologist. I sure hope it works. My surgeon said that even with a marginal response, my lung mets might become inactive altogether. Also, one spot in my liver was very faint. I'm not going to ask for a miracle, but I am hoping it works a little.

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Paula G.
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This sounds great to me. Very hopeful. As for the miracle, I hope you get one. Good luck and I will watch for updates. Paula G.

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John, I'm just thrilled to hear this. You are such a trooper!


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hope it keeps on getting better for you agree with diane you are a trooper!

Fight for my love
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This really sounds great and inspiring.John,I believe MIRACLE does happen.Best luck and best wishes to you.

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Glad to hear that things are moving in the right direction. I hope that you feel our prayers and support.


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If a miracle works, then I hope you get it, John.

I've kept up with your posts and followed your story and am pulling for a great outcome for you. You've been through alot for a young man and you have handled yourself brilliantly from what I've read from you and from what the others post as well.

Continuing to hope for the best for you. With you grit and determination, I feel sure that you will conquer all.


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That's good news! Sounds like things might be a lot more positive than you thought at first. I'm so hopeful for you!


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I am glad things are looking up. I see NED in your future. You need a break and deserve a rest.


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nice to know that things are moving in the right direction for you. It sounds as though you will have a full plate for awhile, so make sure you still take time for yourself and family.

Also, make sure you keep your family here updated as well :)

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This is good news to hear. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers (as I do everyone on the board). Your determination and resolve inspire me.


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I'm very happy for you everything looks very promissing, and for sure you deserve it.

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John: That sounds like some very good and promising news. Are you still working on that machine and do you still intend to use it. Keep up the great spirit.


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I still need some key parts that have yet to be shipped. I'm going to need to make a few parts. I've been researching transmission and receiving heads. I could buy some but I don't think they are going to be exactly what I need. The key is to direct the radio waves enough to penetrate the body but not so much as to cause harm at the entry site. I have been looking at some old NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) machines for a possible solution. I might be able to use one of their detection units as a transmission head. I'm going to need a salvaged one since even well used NMR's still run in the tens of thousands of dollars. Luckily I have friends in the biz and have already tracked down a couple I can get some parts off of. Believe it or not, I got a hold of some WWII specs on a Japanese Death Ray.
They spent a bunch of time and energy trying to kill folks at a log distance with radio waves.

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I always enjoy your posts and positive attitude! Keep it rolling!

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