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Can any of you share what your symptoms were prior to diagnosis?

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Just wondering about early symptoms with Lymphoma. It would help me a lot if any of you felt like sharing how that were feeling prior ro diagnosis.

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Thanks for the advice. Yeah I will really go to have a 2nd opinion. You are right, it is better to be safe than sorry. I'd get that. Actually sometimes, my condition scares me because, I'm still young, I have lots of plan as well as God for me. By the way, thanks for the comfort.Smile

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Didn't have swollen lymph nodes but occasional night sweats.

I went to the doctor because of pain shooting down both legs. He sent me for a mri. The same day he called and said it looks like cancer by my spine. After that I had a bone biopsy, needle biopsy and pet-scan APRIL 2010.
04/22/2010 Fluoro guided L2 core biopsy and FNA---Positive for Bcell Lymphoma
05/05/2010 CT guided Aspirate and Core Biopsy of left pleural based mass---Positive for Bcell Lymphoma

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I think that is a good decision.  I know it must be scary especially when you are young but if it is something serious like lymphoma please know that most lymphoms are very treatable and many times curable.  Being young is a plus in fighting it.  But, hopefully it is nothing as I said before but your symptoms are a question.  Many lymphoma symptons are loss of appetite, weight loss, night sweats, fever etc., so that is why I think you need to get to the bottom of it.  Keep us informed, we all care what each one is going through and we are here to support you.  You may want to start a new subject on the forum, then you don't have to wade through 2 pages each time.  Hang in there.  Thinking of you,  Becky

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I have nite sweats, (they said it was menopause) pain in my shoulders(they said fiber mialga) rash on my left arm (psoriasis)The patches ich real bad.

then lumps came up on my skin and the dermatoligist did a bi-opsy and it is angry white cells attaching each other.  then they did a bi-opsy on the back

of my arm and it came back poss. for cutaneous lymphoma. I am having problems with my colin as well, Im going to have them do the bi-opsy again

and make sure that its not part of the C.L. I am about to start mustragen ointment and am having phototherepy now. has any 1 had the mustargen treatment?

if so would you share with me. Thank you 

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Hi Deanna,

I was feeling tired but all of my blood work checked out ok. I started getting PT for what appeared to be an inflamed shoulder. I couldn't lift my arm up very high.  Then one night drinking a glass of wine, I had excruciating heart burn.  Shortly after that I felt a lump under my collarbone.  I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The tumor hard been restricting my arm movement, the pain whn drinking alcohol,  and the fatigue were all signs.The probable diagnosis came 2 hours after I found the lump.  This was 18 years ago!


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had a growth on my nose that i was concerned about. my dermatologist thought it was suspicious so he cut it off.  diagnosis came back as cutaneous marginal zone lymphoma.  have no other symptoms and no treatment yet. 

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I had lymphnodes swell on the side of my neck and also I would get chest pains and a headache when I tried to drink alcohol. My oncologist said 1% of people have alcohol as a symtom.

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I am going in on the 28th for a biopsy.  Here are my symptoms.  Swollen lymph nodes on the left side of my neck (have been swollen since Dec 2012), they didn't hurt until about 2 months ago.  Now it's an aching hurt all the time.  Headaches, night sweats, extreme fatigue, get winded very easily, coughing, unexplained itching on my feet and up my legs.  I now feel as if my body is achy all the time.  Kind of like when you've been in bed too long and slept all day achy.  Anyone else with these symptoms?

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I am 35 Mother of 4, and scared. It  has been a long wait for dianosis, my husband and recently moved to another state and in to a new home so my symptoms I assumed were allergies to the new home. My symtoms started with a strange pain in right rib. Then came a problem with a fluid build up in my ears. Antibiotics were prescribed only to have the ear trouble persist. Then comes swollen glands and nodes in my entire neck region. They werent painful I just knew they were there. All this time and it's been a year I have been without insurance due to not being able to afford it. So they never did any tests besides an ultrasound for the right rib pain and found nothing and also a chest x-ray which found nothing. Sometime last yr 2012 in November I started having severe panic attacks which were happening daily. I finally after realizing they were not getting better caved and went on zoloft 75mg. The panic is better and as of 2 months ago obtained insurance, phew! So the tests begin, you name it blood tests, hiv, lyme, lupus.......so far this is what I have: Blood tests came back great, vitamin levels are great, white and red counts are great but still waiting on the Lyme test to come back. Also during this time a Mri of neck was performed which found enlarged nodes varying between 1.5 and 2 cm from my neck down to my armpit area. Clear in the center chest area which doc says is a good thing! A ct with contrast was also performed finding nothing in the chest and upper abdomen area. So here I am waiting till November 12th to get into an oncologist for a biopsy.  Thoughts please is this a normal thing to wait this long for a biopsy? Also thoughts on the lymphoma diagnosis?

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Hi Gert12, 


Just wondering what the results were of all your tests and biopsy, I'm sorry you haven't received a response yet. 




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