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After first week of chemo...terrible back pain...diagnosis 2 bulging disks, 2 pinched nerves...????

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My husband was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. He has had his first treatment. One week after that, terrible back pain. Dr. said that a lot of times underlying problems arise after treatment. Now we're headed to a neurologist for this problem. What is going on? Have any of you had these types of problems?

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You didn't mention what type of cancer or what kind of chemo drugs were involved, but I'll wing it. The first thing that I would suggest doing, is research the chemo drugs and their side effects. A lot of times, we only take in what the doctors tell us, which are the more common side effects, when there are occasionally other lesser known, or notated effects.

I am not a doctor, but I feel kind of weird that after only one week, that other "problems" might be uncovered. Not saying it's not possible, just, never heard of it happening.

Keep the neurologist appointment, but make sure to take the chemo regimen with you, including the dosage. This will be important information to them.

Paul E. (Hodgkoid2003)

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Hi Paul,

Sorry about the info, I'm new to this whole thing. The meds my husband was given are,Vincasar,Cytoxan, Doxorubicin and Rituxan. We got the results of his MRI on the back. Dx was two bulging disks, and two pinched nerves, etc. Headed to Oncologist today, maybe we can make more sense out of this whole mess. Thanks for replying, hope to talk again soon.
Thanks again!

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Well, I forgot to tell you what kind of cancer my husband has. Diffuse Lg B cell Lymphoma, Stage IV. He is also diabetic, has had two heart attacks, last on in March of this year.

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My husband was also diagnosed July 16th with the same diagnosis as your husband. My husban is also diabetic and is overweight. He had been dieting since last december and had lost about 30 pounds. Anyway he seemed to grow very weak and could barely walk. Also was diagnosed with pinched nerves and bulging discs-they thought this was causing the weakness. Anyhow he finally wound up in the hospital after a biopsy of a node under his arm and doctor started the chemo and rituxan in the hospital. He is now in Rehab and is just starting to walk with a walker-very minimally. It all happened so fast. Doctor assures us it is curable, so we are counting on this.

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Hi catnap, Thanks for replying, everyone else I talk to said this sounds too suspicious. Glad to know someone else has had the same thing happen to them. (not that I want your husband to suffer) :) I am just waiting for the other shoe to fall. Our doctor said that any underlying problem can pop up at any time. The pain in my husband's back is better, but they have him on 5 different pain medications. They are not going to refer us to a neurologist, dr said he had enough to contend with at this time. It worries both of us him being on so much medication. Good to hear from you, please keep in touch...

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Hi meandmcgee
So sorry about your husband's dx and the pain and other issues treatment seems to have caused/triggered.
I am a hodgkins 2a survivor and I have been through a lot with treatment (chemo and rads), after affects and yes- back issues. As crazy as it may sound, one of the best things I EVER did (as result of car accident injury shortly after treatment) was to go to a very specific kind of chiropractor. As part of a consult he did an exray. It showed that for years (possibly 15-20) I had been unconsciously leaning away from "something" in my chest. My posture told the story. Here I was -At 30 years old and I had NO curve in my neck and my pelvis was torqued because I had literally been leaning forward and to the side (without meaning to). I did not believe in chiropractic care at all before this, but that day I couldn't help but connect some "dots." My tumor was in my chest, in between my lungs and it had started going around my windpipe. Is it just "coincidence" that my entire body was compensating for "something" I didn't know was there? I really think not. So this is a specific technique of chiropractic called Gonstead. This isn't pain management, this is a wellness -truly corrective type of care. Our spines are our conduits of all nerve function and activity. I highly highly recommend that you seek out a Gonstead practitioner in your area and have your husband get the care he needs for his spine because if that's in working order, the rest will follow. check out gonstead.com. It can only help. I'm living proof. I now have the curve back in my neck, no lower back pain and many of the after affects of treatment (including bone marrow damage) have been healed in under 2 years of regular care. It is honestly the BEST thing I could have done. and by the way, my 70 year old mother was told 4 years ago she'd be in a wheel chair or something like it in less than 2 years. Since starting her chiro care, she has been able to walk a mile a day (on the treadmill!), she's lost all kinds of weight (60 lb!) and at 70 she looks healthier and more fit than I ever remember her looking. This is real. This is scientific. You have nothing to lose and true health to gain.
You'll both be in my prayers. Peace and love.

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