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Things have happended quickley

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Stage IV lung cancer mets right rib, right back & neck, I have completed my first round of chemo (I get them once every three weeks) next one will be this Tuesday. I have been extremely tired, alittle pain in my right ribs. I had reservations with my family for the 4th of July we rented hotel rooms that had windows so I could share the fireworks show without going outside, the heat makes it almost impossible for me to breathe. On the way home my breathing began to worsen so I ended up in the ER at our local hospital, they took multiple tests gave me liquids and pain meds through an IV, they also gave me oxygen. The next day I met with me lung doctor which sent me home with oxygen & cough medicine he also had me see a heart doctor which said there was some liquid around me heart but not enough to be causing major problems. I have also had a liver ultrasound which came out good.

I now only use oxygen when Im walking because it makes my food & drinks taste funny. I have lost alittle bit of my appetite but I can still eat fine, I do have bottom lip & mouth sores but I use a special mouthwash which works real good.

My doctor is waiting to see results after Tuesdays chemo treatment if I does as he wants he will continue, if not he will change it.

Hoping for the best!


PS I am praying for each and everyone of you.

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Good luck in your fight too! You have a winning attitude and it sounds like you are doing everything you can both to enjoy life and to take care of your body. I hope your chemo results are good!

C. Abbott

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Wow Looch! Your PS about praying for each and everyone of us really touched me. I pray for you also dear. We need to beat this cancer...and we all need to keep a positive attitude because that is critical. My prayers are with you dear one!

PBJ Austin
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You are all in my heart, my thoughts and prayers every day. Good luck to Looch and to everyone else.

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