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1st 3 month checkup and lab workup......

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I went in today for my 3 month lab work and my CBC was perfecto..WBC perfecto....CEA...well I will find out Thursday.....Not worried though either way, I will not let cancer or the possibility of its return bother me any more. I have made my peace, consoled my wife and spoke with all of my children and we are all ok with what life brings us....Hopefully it will be a long healthy cancer free life as we all hope , but life either way will be ever precious each day from now on, as it should have been a long time ago...Will update when I hear the news.......enjoy every day....I certainly am....... :)

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So glad for you with the test results. I know too that your CEA will be normal too. Glad to hear that you are doing so well. Yes life is precious.

Thanks for the update!


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Three months already, time flies, glad the news is good and hope for continued news. I love how you look at life and how you share those thoughts with your family. You must have a very nice and close family. I pray that you do have a long and healthy life and have many many wonderful days.

God bless you Buzzard!


Fight for my love
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The way you look at life is very valuable.Life is precious.Please give us an update when you hear from the doctor offically.Best wishes to you and your family.

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You have a great outlook on life i always read your posts ,I wish you good luck and good news from the Dr, Have a wonderful day


Julie 44
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Hey Buzzard,
Glad to hear the GREAT news....You have been such a big insperation to me I am so happy for you.....JULIE

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Glad to hear you're doing well, you have a great outlook about things.It's too bad that it takes something like cancer to make us slow down and appreciate life more.Here's hoping for continued good news.

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Such great news! A positive attitude! it all goes hand in hand.



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Buzzard! Great news! No, you can't worry yourself about stuff. You have certainly done your part and God is ultimately in control. I am very hopeful, though. Enjoy each day and revel in your family.

God Bless,

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Paula G.
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It sounds good to me Buzzard. I am real happy for you. You are right about enjoying everyday...Best to you Paula G.

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I'm sure it will be WONDERFUL! I'm glad you got good news so far.


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for you buz.you know ever since i found this board you have been an inspiration to me an others.so glad you are doing well.i cant wait till im at the place where you are.only 1 more treatment for me.i get unhoocked today and in two weks will be my last one.im on my way ...Godbless....johnnybegood

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