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I got really good news yesterday not NED but the ca in my lungs has shrank to almost nothing and the ca is shrinking in the other places too. H e did say I will not be able to get surgry too many places but I can deal with that. I have 2 more times of the crapy chemo then probably just the maintance to keep it under control, so hope to hear more good news from everybody dont give up hope and keep the faith, and if you dont quite trust your dr find another one I am really lucky with mine. Good luck to everyone your all in my prayers


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That's GREAT news Sheri!

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This is really great news. Keep up the good fight!

Many Hugs, Vicki

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Great! Soldier through those last 2 cycles - you can do it!

Congrats on the wonderful, wonderful news.


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Congratulations on the wonderful news. Only two more rounds to go and you can do it. Keep up your great attitude. It very well could be the tumors could go down even more.


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Keep up the fight and congrats on receiving such good news. Keep taking one-day-at-a-time and oh yea, don't forget to stop occassionally to smell the roses :)

Fight for my love
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Thank you for sharing this great news with us.This is really a great news.Please keep going and I am sure you will win this battle.

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Excellent news! I'm so happy for you! keep it up, when I feel myself getting down with these treatments, the more it accumulates, I can come here and know I can read these great posts of all you have gotten through it, and know I can!

Have a great day!

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Don't ya just love a good ending........!!! Great News Sherri.........

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Congratulations Sheri,
Enjoy your good news !


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