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Memory and Cognitive Aftereffects of Treatments

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Gulp, on Thursday this week I go for my results of my memory and cognitive testing that I had done a couple of months ago. I had the written tests and some oral ones as well at this Memory Clinic here and have yet to do the CT Scan of my brain but they say that that can wait a bit. I am interested but of course a little anxious as the memory issues I have been dealing with are taking a backseat to new cognitive problems so a little tense here in what that appt on Thursday will bring. Praying has helped me through all the other treatments and results meetings so that is what I will do before this one.

I will let you all know what the findings are. Of course the results are personal to the person who has had the tests, depending on lots of things including age, types of treatments and strengths of radiation and chemo drugs - how long ago - yada yada. Still it should produce some interesting insight, I hope.

Talk to you then. Blessings, Blueroses

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One of my greatest fears in retuning to grad school following cancer treatment was short-term memory loss. I shared my concern with a professor who became uncomfortable with my admission. With no help coming from that direction, I learned to make accommodations for myself mainly by becoming obsessive-compulsive, rechecking and repeating things to prevent omissions or mistakes. I even do this when I leave the house in the morning, sometimes returning to make sure I didn't forget to turn down the thermostat or lock the door. I have been doing pretty well with this system.

I will pray that your memory and cognition remains true, Blue!

Love and Courage!


(I completed my M.A.T. in March 2007 with a 3.96 GPA!)

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Thanks for the encouraging words and congratulations on your M.A.T. - you are amazing.

I am concerned about my memory issues for sure but the cognitive issues I find are even more worrisome for some reason, they just happen and the instances are so unlike me. I react to some situations as if I am 100% sure of what I am saying and that a bit later I realize where someone else was coming from and realize I had missed completely one detail that changed the whole idea of what that person was saying. It makes me uncertain of alot of things now. For once I am pulling for stress as being the reason behind this at least then I would have a fighting chance and decrease my stresses in some way but we will see I guess.

The other day I called my lab tech who comes to do my INR at my residence and told them that this Monday there would be blood tests than usual from a new Rheumatologist. The Tech called me back later in the day and said that because of one of the tests that was ordered I had to go into the lab myself as the one test had to be spun right away and then flash frozen and that could only be done in the lab. Then she said that they do this test Monday to Thursdays, and she seemed to be emphasizing that point, this was Friday she was telling me this. I kept wondering why she kept emphasizing that.

I got off the phone and took a check of how I was feeling, now realizing that at some point I had to go out and get these tests now, and wondered if I could do it that day. I tossed around the idea for a couple of hours as I wasn't feeling that great. When I thought that maybe I could do the little trip to the lab that day I realized that it was Friday and that is why the tech warned me that they only do it Monday to Thursday, cause it was Friday the day I talked to her. I totally missed her point and almost acted on a missed piece of information.

I don't know if I explained that right but I think you get the drift. It's scarey really, when you behave in a way you are so sure of and then a bit later realize you were totally off base. It's like living in someone else's head. Very strange.

Anywho, I will hold a good thought and let you know how it goes when I get home on Thursday afternoon. The next day is kidney stone surgery so I will try and get back on to let you know how it went before I go in for that.

Blessings Rick and congrats again on the M.A.T.


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