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I Just Had A Yearly Follow Up Ultrasound & 2 Of My Nodules Grew

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I just posted about this in my topic question, Does My Thyroid FNA Sound Worrisome Some Hurthle Cells found. I just had a year follow up ultrasound of my 3 small thyroid nodules that were found by accident on an ultrasound I asked for in October 2006.

2 of them grew about 2mm bigger and even though the University of Penn radiologist doesn't seem concerned (yeah and the nodules are *not* in *her* thyroid!) should I be concernced? I know that many benign thyroid nodules grow too and recent research found that many small papillary thyroid cancers didn't grow in 8 years!

So growth or lack of growth often isn't that helpful. If anyone knows anything about this I would really appreciate a respnse.

Thank you.

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It doesn't hurt to get a biopsy (not much at least). My endocrinologist did not think my nodules which were detected by ultrasound were anything to worry about, but they did come back cancerous (papillary). I would rather be safe than sorry.

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First they injected my neck with Novocain which hurt. Then the tech operated the ultrasound pushing down on my thyroid while the doctor dug and dug took out 3 samples, the Novocain didn't seem to help at all. I was able to wait until I got to my car to cry. It does mess up your hormones for a few days afterwards.

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