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Natural Cancer Treatment?

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How about Natural Cancer Treatment?

Who have any information, let's share

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Hi Adison,

I have had cancer several times and am here to answer your post because I had conventional treatment. That is not to say that there is not also a place for natural treatment in conjunction with conventional treatment. I personally know of three people (two who were close to me) who chose to forgo conventional treatment for natural treatment alone and they have all passed away. The sad truth is two of them would surely still be here had they opted for conventional treatment early on as they were both in early stages of cancer.

All my best to you,


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This is a debate that I have seen for years. And trust me, everything my body (as well as others will tell you), if there were a better, safer way, without all the horrible short and late side effects, they would be out on the market, and proven.

That is not to say that I don't believe in them. I have made the choice a couple of times in regards to alternatives to prescriptions, but not when my life counted on it as a battle with cancer or such.

What I've always believed in, you owe it to yourself to go with what works and has been proven, first.

The other thing that has to be kept in mind, is sometimes alternatives can work against you and other medicines you might be taking. Best to check with a doctor first or at least let them know you'll be doing so.

Paul E. (Hodgkoid2003)

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Here is what I have learned, briefly, about alternative/holistic medicine in general: A renowned cancer treatment center in the United States has been working with doctors and others in China, of all places, to examine the effects of holistic practices in the treatment of cancer.

These practices include meditation, in fact, and acupuncture, and herbal remedies, among others, beyond my remembrance. It seems to be a serious study, it seems to be a study that has been on-going for some time, and it seems, in fact, that the Americans involved in this study are both enlightened and encouraged by the apparent benefits, on occasion, of these holistic practices.

But, those M D Anderson doctors and researchers aside, the Chinese doctors are the first to advise: DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR WESTERN TREATMENTS FOR THIS. THIS IS ADDITIVE, NOT A REPLACEMENT OR SUBSTITUTE!

That is not a direct quote, but you get my drift.

And as Paul suggests, it is also very possible that alternative therapies, that is, herbal "remedies", vitamin supplements, and the like, may adversely impact the effectiveness of, say, chemotherapy.

I would advise, therefore, as Re suggests, and that as the Chinese doctors cited in the study urge, that you get with a reputable doctor in a reputable institution, and accept traditional western medical treatment. If you elect also to try alternative therapies, I would further advise that you always consult with your doctors before embarking upon them. Some, I am sure, even if dismissed by your doctors, will be acceptable and will even prove beneficial to you WHEN USED IN CONJUCTION WITH TRADITIONAL TREATMENTS.

I feel as strongly about this as does RE: my neighbor came by the house when she learned I had lung cancer to tell me that she did too. I chose a lobectomy and chemotherapy. She chose green tea and who knows what else. I am writing this today and she is in an urn.

Best wishes.

Take care,


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There are many cancer 'cures' advertised, especially online, and you have to be very very careful. Like someone else here said, it's not that I don't believe there are more natural remedies out there but whatever you are looking at you absolutely have to do your homework and ALWAYS pass it by an oncologist first before you partake of any natural remedies. Some of them may react with your mainstream cancer treatments in a negative way or worse.

I tried that Essiac tea when I was first diagnosed but asked my oncologist first. He wasn't crazy about the idea but I tried it before I got started on my mainstream protocol for treatments. I am not endorsing the tea myself, didn't do much for me I don't think and personally I think it's safer to go with mainstream treatments unless you have done your homework on whatever you are looking at and then, as I said before, pass it by your oncologist first. All the best, Blueroses.

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The appeal of "Natural Cancer Treatment' is that it is "easy", has fewer side-effects, and a hell-of-a-lot cheaper than conventional medicine. Unfortunately, in dealing with cancer, as with many things in life, there is no gain without at least a little pain. Many purported alternative or natural "cures" have not been scientifically documented. Some have been proven outright frauds. ACS has some sound advice concerning "natural" or "alternative" cancer treatments:


I endured surgeries and two years of conventional combination chemotherapy with all the pain, nausea, vomiting, hair-loss, dystonic reactions, etc. that that implies, BUT have remained cancer-free for 27 years. I would never abandon conventional for "natural", though I might incorporate natural with what "the doctor ordered".

Love and Courage!


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I dont want to get anyones hopes up because just as the others have said, the alt cancer treatment results remain elusive and traditional treatment is the leading cure. However, I do know a few people who have had such treatment and are doing fine now. I am just wondering if anyone else knows of anyone having had successful treatment? These could just be a sand dune in the desert but It would be good just to know??????????????????????????????????????????

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I would love to think that there are natural cures out there and I have no doubt there have been spontaneous remissions for some cancers, but unfortunately despite my thorough research for over 5 years on triple negative cancer which for me metastasized two years ago, there just are no natural cures out there. So I have stayed with conventional medicine and although not cured, my disease is stable. If I refused chemo I simply know that I would be dead. I meditate, do relaxation with DVD's, massage, healthy diet and take fish oil along with vitamin D.

I also continue to research, so if there are definite cures out there, give me a holler!

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Two Naturopaths I consulted both said they could not match the track record of chemo and radiation for preventing progression/recurrence. They advised me to go with standard treatment, but use herbs, etc, to help me through. Well, treatment was rough, and I could only take 5 out of 8 infusions before it just burned my insides too much. (Turned out I had an infection going on inside.) I never could take all the herbs I wanted during treatment, but I tried. At the same time, someone in a support group with me opted to try to follow her surgery with natural treatment. She has had progression now, sadly. But, some of those in the group who went standard also have. So, how it all stacks up, I don't know. I was really rooting for her, because I want badly for there to be a natural and healthy way to fight cancer, and not this chemo and radiation anymore. So, I probably haven't helped any with the question--I do believe we have to do what we feel is best for each of us--and then deal with the outcome. But we must be educated in it.

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Hi all
My name is Chris Wark I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer nearly 7 years ago.
I was 26 years old. I had surgery to remove a tumor, but refused chemo and adopted a massive dietary and lifestyle
change. I can tell you there is no magic bullet. Drinking some special tea isn't going to do it. You have to do EVERYTHING!
which is what I did. It's really too much to list here.
But in short, I read every book I could find and did every alternative therapy I could afford.
It was a difficult road with a lot of opposition, everyone thought I was crazy, but here I am.
All my tests are clean and I have since been able to father two girls with my beautiful wife!

Psalm 34 "The righteous may suffer many afflictions, but the Lord delivers him from them all"

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Any advise on books to research. I am looking into the Gershon method (juiceing alot), and taking tea and things. I am 32 with 3 kids and a husband & I just am not ready to leave them, but I dont want to be sick from chemo. I have duodenal cancer (small intestine)and had to have a tumor removed and was told my cancer is stage 3.
I truly believe in the healing powers of Christ, and that natural things were put here for a reason.

Thanks. Nice to know that someone beat cancer without using chemo. I have had a hard time finding someone.

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I think we just have to remember it is all about what we can live with in the end. I could not imagine a lumpectomy and always searching and thinking about another bout to come. Having mastectomy made me comfortable knowing I had removed as much of the tissue as I could and that would certainly minimize things. Not because someone told me and actually knew lumpectomy probably would not be enough.
I always remember some e-mail I read about God's gifts to us and doctors and medicine actually being two of them.
I have taken a product and it did help but the cost of it was very expensive and I quit taking when I couldn't afford it. I might think about it one day if I have money.

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My aunt is suffering from cancer and after her unsuccessful Medical operation my uncle are thinking to know more about Herbal remedies for cancer .....I have found this post really very interesting indeed and also very informative...This is very serious infact and i would still want to read more.
Thanks for supporting.

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but I spent $1500 for my natural treatment plus cost of food.
$500 for Green star juicer
$500 for Vitamix
And rest for herbs.
3lb for fighting cancer and 1.5lb for minimizing radiation side effects.

Before you start any natural treatment, clean your pipes at least 2-3 times. Do enemas, liver flush, kidney flush, lymph system flush, brush your skin before shower, use cold shower, help your immune system. And if you are brave enough, do fast on water only.
Today I eat mostly raw (not exclusively) and for 3 years I'm eating Budwig mix.

I will have 3 years anniversary in April, 2.5 years post treatment and so far so good.

Fainting after chemo is consequences, fainting during fast is choice and I prefer choice.

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I had a stage 4 colon with a liver metastecy and I did both conventional with limited results and very bad side effects. After I was finished ith treatment I changed my life, I went to all raw diet, juice every day cut out meat and dairy, ( watch forks and knives documentary) . It's a Complete lifestyle change and I have been clean ever since it's been about 2 1/2 years so far. There is a specific protocol I follow, not budwick but I will not mention it here if you are interested pm me and I will share.
Good luck everyone
Remember your immune system is the only thing that can beat cancer for good, so help it.


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You are right it not just about taking a herb or drinking a gallon of green tea, it is a Total Life Style Change. If a person is not willing to totally change there life style to help there body do what God intended it to do (Fight Cancer for one thing) then they might as well do nothing at all.

Just my opinion

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I put all my trust in God and i know that he does not want you to just let yourself die when you get cancer or anything else for that matter.We live in a world based on lies.The doctors can only do what the law alowes period.There is a reason why the cancer labs won't use the cure they found in !972.Alot of us know about it and are using it,but at the same time are only telling some.It's illeagl to use one of the easyer methods that you don't have to use alot of supplements with.If yopu get the chemo treatments before you use the hemp oil or the baking soda methods it could put you in shock.Most of the countrys that our people are going to to use the baking soda treatment won't treat you after chemo until your body levels out a little.I have 2 friends that just came back from Italy cured of cancer from using the baking soda treatment.They have found a way to get to the cancer with a tube of some kind like a cathater and spray a fine mist directly on the cancer and it's cured in as little as four days completly.Really now the best way is with hemp oil.When you make it it looks like grease and you need about two onces of it to cure yourself.You put a blob of it on your finger twice a day for 7-9 wks and it cures your cancer and it doesn't hurt any of the healthy cell around it.Chemo and radiation are the worst ways you can cure anything.Look at all your friends that have died because of these treatment.Don't you ever want to question the way things are done in these hospitals.Are we all like blind sheep waiting to fall off the cliff.When you have uncurable cancer your doctor will telling you to do anything you can.As soon as you get cancer the only treatment for it in these hospital is chemo and radiation and this is not wright.It is a bold face lie.Wake up America.Tell your gov you want the truth.They are keeping these cures from you.In fact why can't you just cure yourself and shut up.

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Go to You Tube and watch the videos on a doctor from Rome that uses baking soda to cure cancer.You need a strong stomach to watch these videos.They are doing this in Italy and are curing people.It's best not to go through the treatment in the states before you go there for this treatment.Chemo and radiation creats pure havok on your system.The US is barbarck in the way they treat cancer.The studies of Johanna Budwig have told us about Flax sead.It works but you have to do the flax sead oil.It is full strenght.It is the most alfullest tasting stuff though and this why alot of people won't do it.Put the flax sead oil in a smoothy.I found this is the best way to mask the tast of this stuff.Johanna broughy people off there death beds with this stuff in Europe years ago.Rick Simpson who stumbled over the hemp oil treatment probably helped cure 2 thou or more people and he gave the stuff away in Canada.Rick even cure some of the polatitians and now he can't go back to Canada because it was illegal to use the product he was using which was and oil he got from cooking marijana down to a thick grease which you put a glob on your finger twice a day for 7-9 weeks and it cures your cancer with hurting any of the surrounding healthy cells or organs.You have to ingest the canabis oil for it to work not smoke it.There was a study by a doctor that got a grant to study if a person could get cancer(Lung) from smoking pot and after 20 yrs there was no connection,but you can cure yourself of cancer and almost anything you can get with ingesting this canabis oil which is called hemp oil by Rick Simpson.Hemp oil is probably the easiest way to cure yourself without any tubes being stuck in you like with the baking soda method.They can spray a fine mist of diluted baking soda on a cancer and it will dissapear in about four days.If you even think you goy cancer start taking the baking soda treatment yourself.Somebody on you tube is doing it a will show you how.And when you want to do some reading go to the internet and type in Hemp oil 2011 and start reading.

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