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Spring is in the air!!

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Hi all,
I hope everyone had a good holiday. Mine was beautiful - I spent the day with my whole family, all 30 of them. Yup, spent the day with all of them and didn't lose my mind! In fact, I enjoyed Easter like I never have before. I always loved Easter and even had "Auntie Holly's annual Easter egg hunt" but, I never truly appreciated the beauty and relevance of the day before this year. What a difference a miracle can make!!
I did have to lay in bed for the first few hours with edema and a little nausea but that didn't stop me from enjoying the day. I actually had a nice time watching the finches make a new nest in my bird house and just looking at the daffodils and lilies popping up from the ground. It was a long, hard winter!!
The gift of a new day will never be lost on me again and I hope and pray that all of you feel the same. What a blessing to watch the renewal of the Earth and understand how precious a gift we have been given in our own promise of renewal.
I may still be on a chocolate high (can't stay away from that Fannie May!) but I wanted all of you to know that I count you as a big part of my miracle. I had some pretty low days that I couldn't have made it through without you! Have a great day and enjoy the beauty all around you.
Much, much love to all,

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Thats awesome I had a pretty good day too even with my fluid filled tummy. I also ate some chocolate. It was a wonderful well appreciated Easter. I too get more uplifted by these people on here and makes me feel better.
Prayers and Hugs

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Your cat is the exact twin of my Shnugglepuss!!!!!!! Gorgeous!

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Hey Holly, So glad to hear you had a fabulous Easter and no wonder, what amazing news to share at Easter. You deserve all the joy there is, last year was indeed a rough year from you but now you'll soar. Hugs, Blueroses.

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