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Who says size doesn't matter?

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Joined: Aug 2004

Hehe, got your attention.

Hi my friends. I wanted to say hello, because I didn't get a chance in the " Roll Call" post.
It's great to hear from everyone. I had a little time on my hands ( Hi George:) ), so I wrote down a little ditty for ya'll.

Hope you like it.

Speedos and Thongs ( revisited )

The days are long and the sun is high;
It's time for Speedos, thongs and thighs.

Ladies, the waxing and shaving is done;
A few more squats for the perfect buns.

Gents, we love your amazing physique;
Speedos show all. No need to peek.

A message, I'm sure, the thong will imply;
Don't touch with your hand, just look with your eye.

Speedos fit all from muscleman to geek;
But, to slide one on...is to put on your freak.

The men watch from behind and seem tongue-tied;
The women feel used and throw out a sigh.

He daydreams of beaches, skin and technique;
Geez, remember the days of the "streak"!

Now, check him out with his ample supply;
Oh my God, I think I may cry.

Out from the pool he may quietly sneak;
But we all see and render a "tiny" critique.

" No,no sweeite, shrinkage is normal" is his reply;
....who woulda thought, hmmmm, not I.


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VERY cute!

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That poem was one of some of the funniest, fun, post on my alltime favorite thread on this site. Maybe I needed it at the time and I guess you probably had to be there as Barb was having a new swimming pool installed. We were having a cyber swim party to help her initiate the new pool. Don't read too much into it though, there is much more to the story than the obvious...........

Barb sweetie, how much is that pup going to weigh when it grows up? Does it get to go in the pool this summer?

You look great and I also thing that post you made about your kids discovering fresh veggies in your fridge way back when was pretty funny too.

Much love my dear friend and continued good health,

Lisa P.

Posts: 768
Joined: Aug 2004

Hi Lisa.

I guess I should have prefaced the thread with a little background. Now I just look like some freak that signs on every 3 years with a weird post! :)

It was a good time - that thread, back in the day.

My "pup" is 2 now. Remington is about 140 lbs. His brother Rosco is about 160. Quite a bit of Newf in the house!! They are fantastic dogs. So, stepping over them every 2 minutes is just fine with me!

You look fantastic, yourself, Lisa.

( oh, that is a new poem. I just made it up. I didn't have the patience to go look up the old one )

Have a great day.


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Thank you so much... what a great poem! Hee Hee


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Joined: Feb 2007

HA HA HA.....

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Joined: Oct 2004

and honey, size DOES matter! ;)

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Oh, boy....I think I'm blushing....

Very cute, very funny little ditty - thanks for posting it again.

You look great Barb - hope all is well with you and yours...Katie

Posts: 768
Joined: Aug 2004

I'll just blame the chemo brain for the spelling errors. ( is there and expiration date on chemo brain? -Cause I use it all the time!!)

It is ditty not diddy.

Hmmm, I could start rhyming again.

No, best not. Thanks Katie.

How are you? Taking care of that George of ours?

So, did he tell you about that shrinkage? "Not that there is anything wrong with that!" :)

Hugs to all.


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I found the thread:

I can't believe I'm actually going to repost this.....it's from 2005.

Re: Speedo's and Thongs :)

I'm here I'm here!!

I am just fanning myself since it is getting SOOOO hot around here!! Holy Toledo Bat Man.

Men in thongs Men in Speedos,
Men barely covering up their Torpedos
Dongs in thongs and Torpedos in Speedos
Hemp bikinis and too many martinis
Sponge Bob Kanga Nanuk too
What's a married chick to do?

Barb, you better unplug the pool
Or Jose will not think we're cool
The room in here is filled with lust
Stacy, hon, it's Vegas or Bust
So kanga no more pics in a jock
All I can say is: SEMI-COLONS ROCK!!!

peace, emily who smoked her last bikini

Posts: 768
Joined: Aug 2004


Now, did you write that? I don't think I did that.

How the heck are you Em?

Too funny.


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Posts: 2085
Joined: Dec 2001

yes Barb, I wrote it. I copied and pasted my post. HA! It made me sad for Bud

though. :-(

I'm hanging. In there.

You still doing your Tai Kwondo? (how the heck do you spell it??)

Lots of changes for us this year. My oldest will finally be graduating from college. Actually I think I will have 2 graduating by the summer's end. One is off hitchhiking around the country ergo the increase in grey hairs, and my high schooler is wonderful--nary a problem since she's such a sweetie. Little Emma is 9 now and still being homeschooled.

How are your girls?

How's life?

We haven't caught up with each other in a ****'s age!

peace, emily who really didn't smoke her bikini--she just wants to BE smokin' hot in her bikini! (but that ain't happenin')

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Posts: 2085
Joined: Dec 2001

The word C O O N was edited out of my post??

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Joined: Apr 2003

Laughed my @$$ off at that! And loved seeing the original, too - thanks Em. Gosh, I wonder what people who weren't here back then are thinking. If someone needs background search for pool or speedo or shrinkage - you'll find the thread.

So good to hear from you, Barb-Diddy. Thanks for getting me into trouble with Katie!

Don't be a stranger.

- SB (as in Speedo Boy)

PS: Thank you, God, for blessing us all with the friendship and wisdom of Nanuk. You take good care of our friend, OK?

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