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How did you pick your screen name

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My name is Kim, but almost every site I am on is Annabelle41415. Annabelle was my grandmother's name (well Ann) but she said it was Annabelle. When I went to join Pogo I wanted Annabelle but it was taken so I put in my age 41 after Annabelle and that was taken, so they suggested Annabelle41415 so that is what I have been for the last 9 years.

Funny story is that when my daughter was born I wanted her middle name to be Ann after my grandmother and ex-husband didn't so before I left the hospital I added Ann to her middle name (now she has two). I always called her Annabelle. This past October was the first time she ever realized that it was Ann and not Annabelle - had to laugh. She is 24. I asked her did you never wonder why it was not on your birth certificate that way and she said "I thought it was too long of a name to fit." LOL


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My screen name is the first 3 letters of my first name and the first four letters of my last name.
Had to really wrack my brain to come up with that one!!

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My name is Mike R, and I am a certified THX Engineer.

I went from computer programmer to Digital Audio. I do not ride a desk as much! Audio Engineers get to be out where the products are. I built a business building and Calibrating Recording Studios. It is like I play with everything I love all day! Music, Sound, and Computers. I move all day and move equipment around. I retired out. I used to have a 20 something work for me full time and ran them into the ground every day. (My generation really messed up teaching their kids work ethics and reading to stay educated.)

Best Always, mike

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Every time when I was younger(and cuter) and I needed to get out of a ticket I would play the ditzy blonde to the hilt, such as "After your done looking up my license could you please help me find the highway, I'm so lost", so when I was looking for a name back originally when we first got the internet all the good "blonde" ones were gone, and I could only come up with "herdizziness" for her ditzy blonde.
Winter Marie


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