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Has anyone tried this drug Lyrica for peripheral neuropathy? I have just started on it. Any advice welcome.

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Craig S
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I tried it for about a month....didn't seem to help for me. It didn't have any side effects, either, just didn't do any good. Maybe it will work for you....good luck.

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Posts: 2081
Joined: Oct 2008

Thanks Craig, But it didn't work for me either. Julia

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Lyrica did not work very well for me! I was on it for seizures but I had to be taken off and put on another medicine called Keppra. the medicine Lyrica made me lose awareness from time to time. not sure how it reacts with everyone who uses it. but if you or anyone else notices this symptom stop taking Lyrica and ask your doctor for something better the best drug on the market. that's the only way you will get the right one that's right for you!

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I tried Lyrica as my pain management doctor thought it might help with my spinal and arthritis issues. The first day it felt like I had a pin sticking in the heels of my feet. By the third day I could not walk as it felt like someone was sticking a knife in my heels. But I have problems with many drugs as it seems my body chemistry is really screwed up since my chemo. I have never been afraid of trying things that can improve my life but I really pay attention to side effects. Everyone is different but it comes down to trying things to improve our life and finding the right drugs to work with. I have 10 prescriptions I work with depending on muscle tension, pain or inflamation in my spine. I never use the same drugs time after time so addiction is not an issue. 5 years out from my cancer I have control and my drugs don't. Best of luck Slickwilly

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Lyrica definitely works for me. I had to ice my feet continually for periperhal neuropathy for short time relief. Lyrica allows me to function. I am also talking Cymbalta too. It is an antidepressant but also works on nerve pain.

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I tried it for months and months and months for peripheral neuropathy and I saw no improvement. After quitting Lyrica, and many months later, my hands came back completely but I still have slight neuropathy in my feet.

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