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Taste Buds

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When will my taste buds return to normal? I love (loved) food, but since the start of chemo in feb. I either can't taste it or it tastes absolutely revolting. I finished chemo in July, but I still have this horrible taste in my mouth and my tongue is discoloured and dead/pins and needles at the tip, it feels like it just doesn't belong in there. Does this last forever? I am a lot better now than I was whilst on chemo, I couldn't eat anything for weeks then. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks Julia

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I am wondering the same thing. I keep losing weight because food tastes like nothing or it is terrible. I finished chemo and radiation (on my neck) just a few weeks ago so perhaps I have not given it much time but I can;t eat CHOCOLATE! and that is really a bummer. Take care and I hope that your taste buds return.

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Finished chemo in Feb 2005. My taste buds were only really bad during a part of an infusion cycle (three weeks). Things would taste like cardboard for about 5-7 days and then return to somewhat normal. After my final treatment, I seem to recall it took a little longer, but they did return.

Have you tried "provoking" them? When things tasted bland, I buried everything in ketchup and spices. I found orange soda and ginger ale also worked well (carbonation and acids, perhaps?). Does your oncologist have any suggestions?

Best of luck.


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Posts: 2081
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My oncologist suggested I ask anyone else BUT him about my side effects, and get the hell out of my office--- "I'm a very busy man" I tell ya, I am learning so much more in here than he ever told me. Thanks all for your replies though I'll try scoffing some spicy stuff. Thanks Julia

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Craig S
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My funky mouth didn't last as long as yours, but my magic food was bacon. I couldn't get enough bacon cheeseburgers. Normally I eat pretty healthy, but I figured I might as well enjoy eating with all the other stuff I was going through.

Good luck.

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