endometrial adenocarcinoma

I have already posted my problem.. But need some help that I am still waiting to read.
I have stage IV, Grade III.. uterus cancer.. doctors called it Endometroid adenocarcinoma..
had complete hysteroctomy. after the surgery I i was scheduled for 6 time of chemo, Taxol/Carboplatin.. Took 2 of them stopped and than took 15 times (daily) radiotherapy for the abdominal tumor. than took one mor cycle of chemo..
so,I got 3 chemo.. and doctors stopped it because it was not working.. tumors were growing and they saw mets on the lungs.. per CT scan....
Therefore, she is transferring to a University hospital..( Research Center0 to help me?

Anyone out there, that can respond? or had the same situation like mine?
Dr. says.. Taxol/Carbo is the best regimen we have.. So, plainly she dropped me.
Am I a lost case?
Need help
Thank you


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    Dear Ararat,

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    Endometrial Adenocarcinoma
    Hi Aarat,
    I also have endometrial adenocarcinoma, stage 4,......it was 1st diaognised in july 2005, i had the radical hysteractomy, did 6 rounds of chemo- Adriamycin/Carboplatin.....my oncologist said the cancer was gone.....stopped the treatment and within 4 months it recurred in my pelvic,peritoneum and outside of the liver.....oncologist put me back on chemo regimen with single agent- Taxol....I have been taking taxol for almost 20 months....the last CT scan shows progression and thus the taxol is not working..


    Have you tried Adriamycin........I am told it has 70% success rate....For me, Taxol worked for 20 months, and now it has stopped...I was wondering, what chemo regimen you have been recommended by the university hospital.....I am desperately looking for other options.