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Pain after Cancer

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Next month will be 2 years since my double mastectomy. Cancer in the left, removal of the right for safety, mainly. I still have constant pain in my surgery area. It mostly feels as if several heavy people are sitting on my chest. Or like I'm wearing a bra 20 sizes too small. Am currently on O.C. 20mgs. 3 times per day with little relief. Any exercising only makes the pain worse. None of my Doctors know why I still have the PAIN. Is anyone out there having this same problem? I am Cancer Free, but the pain is ALWAYS THERE!

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Hark, I am sorry you have not gotten a 'connection' on your post. I had 2 mastectomies at different times, one in '86 and one in '88. I had the usual pain and then discomfort for a time after both surgeries, but nothing like what you describe so long after.
Only thing I could suggest is just keep pestering your drs (or see new ones) until you get some relief. God bless.

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Hi...I'm suffering from something similar. I'm not cancer free YET, but getting there. I have Ovarian Cancer and had complete debulking 6/26/08. For some reason, I can't get rid of the pain on my right side. I call it "Phantom Pain" and my Dr. is very open to that idea, and prescribes dilaudid, which I find work well for this pain. Since I have a few remaining spots on my liver and lung (no pain there), I do suffer from pain on my liver. It's scar tissue remaining there, as the Dr. hacked/scraped/knived/bullied and targeted that organ with a vengeance. Maybe OC isn't the right med for you? I truly believe each narcotic serves pain in different ways. Dilaudid does a wonderful job for my liver and the 'phantom pains' of my missing female organs.

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Just wanted to share that I had the upper lobe of my right lung removed in June 2008. I can't believe I still have so much pain. I. too, feel as though I am wearing a bra 20 aizes too small and can't get a good deep breath. My surgeon did say that I could expect to have rib and nerve pain for quite some time ... but, couldn't seem to elaborate on what that meant. I have now started making a list of things I simply can no longer do without causing the pain to flare without mercy. I don't take any meds for it and I want to avoid the worst of it if at all possible. My down days allow the thoughts to surface about what my life used to be and will I ever be "normal" again.
Hang in there and God Bless ... M

Connie Jo
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Hi Mawoni:

I also had lung surgery 10 years ago and have pain everyday. My entire right
lung was removed through my back because it was attached to my ribs. When they
separated my ribs to get to my lung they damaged the nerves coming from my spine.
I have been to numerous Dr's over the years looking for relief. I have a drawer
full of bras that don't feel good -- I could open a retail store with the bras I
have collected!
I have finally found a medical technician who specializes in Acuscope-Myopulse Therapy.
She uses a machine that relaxes the muscles and calms the nerves and it works!
I have been on a very long road over the years searching for pain relief. I came
very close to getting a permanent nerve block just before I found this last medical
office -- thank goodness. My internist recommended this Dr. who specializes in "physical
and rehabilitation medicine". I am also on the drug "Lyrica" everyday to minimize the
spinal pain. I am trying to take the lowest dose possible because it makes me feel very
strange if I take too much.
I'm in California so I don't know how many of these specialized technicians there are
across the country. She has helped me when no one else could. And, believe me when I
say I've been to so many Dr.'s over the years searching for a answer to this cronic pain!
Good luck and never give up searching.
Connie Jo

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