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I was diagnosed with cancer and had my colon (large) removed. I finished chemo in May. My first scan after treatment came back clean. I have been experincing pain in my abdomen, it's not terrible, but uncomfortable, also get tired and anxious. Is this normal after treatment and if so, how long will it last?


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    I can't speak to the might want to talk with your dr about that...
    However, after abdominal surgery - it takes awhile to return to somewhat normal.

    As far as the tired and anxious moments...welcome to being a survivor. You'll probably find from others that similar stories exist. And if it gets really bad, you probably would do well to talk with your doctor or find a support group or system to help you work through it.

    But I think we all go through times where we are anxious or on edge. Especially in preparing for a routine test or just visiting a place where we had treatment. let's face it, having cancer is a traumatic experience. I think it's ok to 'twitch' a little when those memories surface every once in awhile.

    Cheers to you and your successful recovery.
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    I completed my chemo (FOLFOX) exactly 2 years ago in June. I also experienced abdominal cramps after my treatment ended. I didn't have them during chemo, so it scared me. My oncologist told me about 6 months ago that lots of people have been complaining of abdominal cramps after treatment ends.
    I think I felt cramps for at least a year after chemo ended. Try not to worry.
    Congratulations on being done with chemo. It takes a while to feel back to normal.
    Best wishes,

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    Go see your doctor about the pain the abdomen asap. It will probably turn out to be nothing, but peace of mind is great. Tired you will be for probably 4 - 12 months (it differs), anxious also, very common - I am 11 months done with surgery/chemo/rads and still get tired sometimes - not so much as before - and anxious every time I have to go for my CEA or a scan. I was anxious, for no apparent reason, for about 6 months after treatment ended. I was warned this would happen, and despite clean scans it did. It is better now. So check out the pain and think about seeing a therapist for the anxiety (the anxiety is perfectly normal, but not pleasant).

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    Going to take a while for your body to get back to "normal" , but have that pain checked out . Best wishes for a speedy recovery and God Bless