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Should I be offended?

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Ok, so I'm not sure if I should be offended or not, but here's the story.....

I went for my usual 6 month check up (recap: stage 4 with liver mets, diagnosed Oct 2001, all clear since my surgery in Jan. 2002) with my oncologist. My original oncologist just retired, and this was my first appt with her replacement. She looked me square in the eye and asked me why I'm still coming to see them. Puzzled, I replied, "Uh, well, I figured that's just the plan and didn't know any different." She then said it won't be necessary to see her every 6 months, that we should decrease it to once a year. She was simply amazed at my progress and said my current status is achieved by 20% of people who were where I was in regards to the stage of cancer I had. (but we all know how I feel about statistics....They're for Vegas!)

What happened next REALLY floored me.....she called me the "C" word................................CURED! (tee hee) Now, honestly, I always felt "cured" but nobody ever said it out loud to me! Strangest feeling there is!

So the moral of the story: It's a good thing when some people don't want to see you that often!

Happy Friday,


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Hi Stacy,

Offended-No, Elated-Yes!!! Boy, to be so Lucky!! I love your interpretation of the "C" word and can only hope to someday experience it. Your response to Ron was wonderful and from reading your post regularly, I'm not surprised since you always are so quick to respond to others problems on this board. Your CURE couldn't have happened to someone more deserving. Happy Friday to you too!!!.

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I had this happen to me, too. And, when it recently happened to a patient partner, I attempted to explain:

We 'long-term survivors' are looked at differently. As time passes, we really DO go back to being 'just another face'. And this is a VERY, VERY good thing!!! The medical community knows that we will be our own best advocate, if something changes, we will be on the phone.

I think the other thing is a bit more important. Remember back when you were first diagnosed. How grateful and relieved you were to be 'taken in' right away...and the intense attention you were paid. Can you imagine being told "We're sorry, but we are booked for 3 months" (?!?!?!). In truth, an oncologist only has so many hours in their day. So, I feel, that unless there IS something to talk about, my appointments, when they happen, are short and sweet. I now, once again, start with my G.P. when I have questions. He knows about my cancers...heck, he FOUND them!!!! So, he is quite up to speed with me. That 'first touch' SHOULD be with a G.P....for me, with an HMO, it has to be...lol!

So, yes, you should be very, very pleased!!! With each day, you are becoming more and more 'normal'!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Stacy,

Your new oncologist just validated what you already knew.....CURED! Congratulations! Your story and support inspires other!



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wow, what an amazing thing to hear. i love it! have a great weekend stacy!

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CURE is one four-letter word worth yelling and screaming about and even dancing about.

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This is absolutely wonderful news. And it could not happen to a more deserving person. You have been an inspiration to me since the beginning of my battle. Monica

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Just wonderful news! Don't go away from here! We need you

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I'm with Chip. Don't go away we need you!

Yeah! CURED.....one of the best words in the English langauge!


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A stage 4 survivor.
I am looking for cancer stories if you are interested in sharing let me know

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How great to hear!

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What a great way to start the day - wow, I hope I hear those words some day. Horray for you!!!!


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((((((((Stacy,stacie)))))))) Dying is easy , living is hard. love Ron.

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Congratulations on that great news!!


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Great news--thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration!


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I'm kind of in the same boat...

Just moved to the Houston area... figured MD Anderson would be an awesome place to follow-up. Even got a name from my follow-up oncologist.

Finally contacted them in June... as my CT and blood should have been done in may... (yeah, I know, busy living)... told, "we only treat those with, "active cancer". I was floored. And then, I realized, I'm lucky that I don't have, "active cancer". Now, I need to find another doc to follow up with.

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Congrats!!! what a great word to hear,


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FANTASTIC. I am so happy for you. If I felt better I would do a happy dance for you but instead I'll just pretend to do it. That is so great. U have got to celebrate.

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Wow,wow, wow! What great news!


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This is fantastic..I loved reading your post. Hugs to you, Audrey.

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I'm not sure about "CURED", but I do know I've seen you "PICKLED" once or twice!

How far we've come since the Sharon Osborne show!

Maybe we'll see you in Frisco?

- Bob

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That is awesome Stacy,
Don't you know you have technically been cured for 1 1/2 years now? At least that is what I have been told. NED 5 years = cured.
Well, now you are for sure cured, so go out and do the Naked Happy Dance one last time!! Wee!
-Susan H.

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Bless you...and as a widow of someone who fought so hard that there was nothing left of him but his soul (that shone through)...I can't help but wonder..why not him too...guess I will retire from this site...I get sad by happy stories..he was such a good good man..it is so not fair..

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Great news, Stacey....naked happy dance, tequila shots, large amounts of healthy foods, keep doing whatever it is you've been doing to reach this day. Enjoy the CURE. Love and BIG hug, Judy

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OMIGOD!!! Huge awesome major rockin great news!
yo' angel

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