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3 mo post Robotic-PSA

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Good news. 3 months post robotic surgery PSA is undetectable. Incontinence no problem though coffee seems to act as diuretic. Some ED since I had PNI on right nerve, but that function is slowly returning.

Thanks for all the support from this group. Frank I was delighted to hear of your good score at 1.5 years.

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Great news, Richard. For me decaf coffee is O.K. However, wine is the diuretic particularly when my body is fully hydrated. It's better if I have a glass of water before the glass of wine.


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Glad to hear your good news! I'm praying for similar results on my first post-op PSA in late June. All the best to you.

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Rich, congradulations. As you know, I got my 1 1/2 year results. It feels so good to know you don't have that disease in your body.
We will be praying for many more great test results.

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please take a look at this:



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Congradulations on your news!!! I had robtic prostrate surgery on 5/18/08. I am dealing with the incontinence issue and I hope by 3 months to have the same news. Thanks

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Am glad to hear of so many of you having positive post robotic results. I had robotic in April of this year. Occasional incontinance, that we can live with. E.D. is a major problem-no good news here even after Levetra, etc. PSA is .14. Not liking this at all.

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