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Astrocytoma Grade III-Survivor

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If any one needs help please let me know, I went through brain cancer and have lived. My calling is to help others survive also.


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I'm asking if any has had a reoccurance of tumor. I was treated  with 6 month of temador/radiation   Was just told that after 6+ years of tumor has returned. Has anyone else had reoccurrance what drug did as treatment for it on reoccurrance.  They want to change chemo drug temador to avastin.

Any experiences with Avastin?

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Hi Jose,

how are you ? My name is Natalia, my son Brian was just diagnosed with grade anasplastic astrocytoma .

he is waiting for radiation and immonotherapby.  do you mind to share your treatment history ?

thank you so much

natalia for brian

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I have been diagnosed with a grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma. I have had surgery to debulk and I'm looking for input around Follow up treatment (Radiation and Chemo). I don't want to have chemo and I'm looking for anyone out there who has had the surgery and the radiation. Anyone???


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Hello,   I noticed that you posted in an old thread started in 2008 by Quilmes who hassn't posted since that year.   Suggest you go back and start your own new thread so it will be easily seen as it now buried at the end of 6 pages.  



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Thank you!

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My daughter was initially diagnosed jan 2014 when she had just turned 25, with a Right frontal lobe tumor.    She had surgery the next day to remove most of it and then we sought out a 2nd opinion at Mayo Clinic.  She opted to do radiation there and then PCV chemo.  Due to radiation nectrosis, she had a second craniotomy early Oct 2014 and continued chemo until 12/10/14 when she was told she was stable and no longer needed to take chemo.  The tumor at the time was called an Oligoastrocytoma grade III, but later the WHO changed it to Anaplastic Astrocytoma III.  It is IDH positive.She continued with follow up MRI's regularly until Novembe 2017 (almost 3 years) until that one showed some changes.  We went back to Mayo and 2 days later, she had her 3rd craniotomy.  At her surgical follow up, it was determined that she should start temozolamide 5/28 cycles.  After 6 cycles, there was increased enhancement of one are of the rear of the resection cavity.  one more cycle was recommended with follow up this past Wednesday, June 20th.  There appears now to be increased blood flow which is indicative to possible tumor progression.  Chemo is being changed to Lomustine, every 6 weeks.  She has not had any neuro deficits and remains to be helthy otherwise.  She does suffer from nerve pain along the incision site of her craniotomies.  We are looking at considering a second opinion at M-D Anderson.  Anyone have any thoughts? 


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