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Long-Term Effects After Radiation to the Neck area

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Is anyone suffering from excess mucus after radiation treatments to the neck area (thyroid & trachea)? My husband is having a terrible time with it (a year after treatment) and I would like to know if anyone knows of anything that can be done for it.

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I did not experience that exactly but I can give you some tips that might help with mucus in general. eliminate dairy and soy from his diet. they are mucus factories! Add fresh lemon or lime to water and drink up to 1/3 of body weight in oz of water daily. (slowly through out the day). Invest in a good masticating style juicer. Omega and champion make good ones. His body is no doubt still damaged from treatments (as mine was) and he needs to be drinking as many nutrients as he can. juicing can be tasty and fun but the benefits are amazing!
Hang in there. You'll be in my thoughts.

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Thanks for your reply. He drinks alot of water during the day (that's all he drinks!) I'll try the lemon or lime. I HOPE this will eventually get better. It's been awful.

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You proably already have the answer..but same thing happened to my boyfriend..He has lung that spread to the bone. He had only 10 treatments to the neck and had an enormous amount of mucous..it has been 3 weeks..much of the mucous seems to be gone and his throat seems much better he can finally eat..please update us about your husband...debbie

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